405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon

405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon

  • Filter Media Included – 2 Foam Pads – 4 Carbon Pouch (70g) – 4 Glass Biomax Bio-Rings (200 g)
  • 2 part Lock clamp
  • Reinforced Canister
  • Instant Prime
  • FREE SHIPPING Within Continental US

Discover the new breed of canister filters with Fluval’s 05 Series. Designed to use the entire canister space, waterflow is noticeably increased for optimum filtration efficiency. The chemical and biological media are housed in independent modules, so you can change what you want, when you want. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to AquaStop, which stops water without disconnecting hoses, meaning no leaks, no mess. Lift-lock clamps ensure a tight-fitting lid, yet they release easily so you can simply l

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5 Responses to “405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon”

  1. Sarah says:

    Review by Sarah for 405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon
    This filter actually ‘came with’ a used aquarium I got from a garage sale…so I have no idea how old it is…but it works great! It is quiet, which is always a plus, and it is versatile. There are 4 trays, with two chambers each, in which to mix and match filter media. I am able to tailer mine to the strong needs of my turtle. Although the filter has a 100 gallon tank capacity, I am saving up for a second one on my 90 gallon tank…there is no such thing as over-filtering when it comes to turtles and I just love this fluval.

    Initial set up is a bit overwhelming, but the directions are very clear. Once it is set up, maitenance is fairly easy. It’s a bit bulky to haul to the sink to change out the media…but that’s to be expected from something this size. I also have trouble getting the lid off and basically have to use a screwdriver as a lever…but honestly, I don’t mind…I would rather have it be snug and leak proof than easy to remove!

    The manual has a section that talks about the various components of filtering which can be helpful when deciding what to put where in your filter. It wasn’t helpful to me. But this is probably the most widely used type of filter and a visit to any turtle or fish keeping community on the internet will yield plenty of tips and advice on setting up media that is most effective for your aquarium community.

  2. A. Nolan says:

    Review by A. Nolan for 405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon
    First, let me inform everyone who purchases this that the seal is in a separate bag! It’s not already installed, you must install it yourself. I, following the directions didn’t see any step where it asked for installation of the seal and I had a very wet floor.

    That aside, as soon as I got it working I was quite impressed. It filters very well and is extremely quiet. So far this is the best aquarium filter I’ve had.

  3. Gregory M. Brown says:

    Review by Gregory M. Brown for 405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon
    The filter got to us on time for a great price. Assembled easily and supplies good flow in tank. Using on a 50 gal very populated tank, filters seem to need cleaning more than I expected. Also clogged once that brought flow to a halt after only 1.5 weeks of service.

    Overall a good mechanism for assemble and disassemble, except lid needs to be pried off instead of having a lever system (?)

  4. Saffier says:

    Review by Saffier for 405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon
    We recomment this product “Hagen Fluval 405 Canister” to everybody.

    We have been using this product for many years,(more than 10 years).

    Good quality and excellent service.Hagen Fluval 405 Multi Stage Filter

  5. K. Kelly says:

    Review by K. Kelly for 405 Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter – up to 100 Gallon
    I own two of these filters the first I’ve had for almost three years. The second of which has caused me nothing but grief. The parts don’t seem to fit as well as the first model, leaks occur, and the flow pressure changes constantly. The FAQ’s and customer service have not been helpful at all. My overall experience has left me disappointed and angry. Maybe Hagen isn’t making quality products anymore?

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