Advantages of garden pond filters

Building a fish pond excites us so much that we tend to overlook the necessary equipment needed for cleanliness over beautification. We need to maintain it regularly and install a garden pond filter. This is very important to keep your fish healthy with clean water.


Garden pond filters prevent the water from turning dark and murky. When this is left unattended your fish will die. Fallen leaves and other debris can contaminate your pond with bacteria and can be dangerous to your aquatic life forms.

Another advantage you can get from garden pond filters is that it weeds away “fish dirt” or toxic chemicals emitted by fish and other pond creatures. It removes this debris away and keeps your fish as well as plants healthy.

Pondmaster PMK190 190gph Pump and FilterKinds of filters

There are 3 basic types of fishpond filters you can choose to suit your pond.

Mechanical filters are known to be the cheapest among the three kinds. With the use of a pump, water passes through the filter and takes away debris and dirt. This kind needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and prevent from clogging.

Another type is the UV filter. It relies on the sun’s rays to complete the process called UV radiation. With sunlight, microorganisms and bacteria are killed. It gets rid of algae that are not safe for your fish.

The last type is the biological pond filter. It performs filtration by combining ultra-violet light in the process. This makes the water even clearer from the sun’s rays. It also kills microorganisms and at the same time encourages the growth of good bacteria. However, time can be a problem as it can take longer for it to work compared to the first two types of filters.

Ani Mate Inc 226 Pond Filter Best filter models

There can be times when you just need this feature from this filter and another feature from another filter. Well, you can own all features in just one filter.  The best pond filters combine at least two features from the three types mentioned above.  Just like the Pondmaster PMK190 Pump and Filter. This filter combines both mechanical and biological functions in just one model. It is perfect for a small garden pond at home or a deck pond. Just make sure it’s a 200-gallon pond you have.

Combing UV and biological filtration is the Ani-Mate Inc. 226 Pond Filter. It comes with a green housing to harmonize with the outdoor surroundings. This all-in-one pond filter is very efficient for algae destruction, mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

Aquascape Design UltraKlean Pressurized FilterPerhaps you will find this the best filter of all because it combines all three features from all types. The Aquascape Design UltraKlean Pressurized Filter is an in-ground filter that you can bury or hide it from your landscape. It is designed with a unique Triple Action Foam Media & Cyclonic Action for less cleaning. It also comes with a state-of –the-art Led Indicator System that tells you when it needs cleaning.

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