All-In-One Filter

All-In-One Filter

  • All In One Submersible pump/filter unit
  • Built-in 9 watt UV light
  • For ponds up to 1500 gallons
  • Includes 4 fountain heads
  • Uses only 58 watts

Tired of those bulky external pond filters that stick out of your otherwise beautiful backyard landscape? This amazing all-in-one internal pond filter takes care of pond filtration, UV sterilization and water clarification, and adds a beautifully soothing fountain to your backyard. Huge filter media area contains a massive mechanical filter pad, as well as a bacteria-culturing area for biological filtration. Integrated UV sterilizer includes a separate cord so you can use it only when necessary.

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List Price: $ 329.00

Price: $ 180.39

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4 Responses to “All-In-One Filter”

  1. J. Weidner says:

    Review by J. Weidner for All-In-One Filter
    Was having a lot of problems with algae in our pond. 3-in-1 filter advertised with the ultra light to eliminate the algae. It took 1 week and it was gone. Very easy to clean. Would recommend this filter if you have a small pond.

  2. Mario E. Ortiz says:

    Review by Mario E. Ortiz for All-In-One Filter
    The All-In-One Filter is superb in functionallity and the price is reasonable and down to earth cheap, but the customer service at LIFEGUARD AQUATICS is EXCELLENT. Not only they answer their calls promply, but customer service oriented and very profesional. I am very impress with the time they invest in a one-to-one customer satisfaction issue, I reported a missing attachment set and not only they track it down but made sure my product was complete and functional. Excellent customer service. I will buy from Lifeguard Aquatics again and again.

  3. Amanda Wilson says:

    Review by Amanda Wilson for All-In-One Filter
    I use one of these in my 150 gallon salt reef tank, and one in my out side goldfish pond. It’s excellent in both. The UV light is a big part of why I think it works so well in the reef tank. Keeps all aglea dead!

  4. P. Deharo says:

    Review by P. Deharo for All-In-One Filter
    I have been using this product for about a year now. I cannot express what a value this pump/filter is. Very easy to use, plug it in and let it go. I have about 40 goldfish and a western painted turtle in the pond. The Pentair keeps up and and keeps everyone healthy. I clean the filters out every 2-3 months and as a side note the mud and slime washed off the filters is the best grass fertilizer I have ever seen!!! The Pentair keeps my fish happy and my grass green. I have run this pump 24/7 for almost a year with no problems. The UV light still works like a champ and I have an old garden hose running off the side valve which routes water to small water fall. Don’t be cheap and get the best you will not regret it.

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