Beckett 7040210 Pond Filter

Beckett 7040210 Pond Filter

Beckett 7040210 Pond Filter

* Suitable for ponds up to 350 gallons

*The  kit includes two fountain nozzles and extension tubes for waterfall attachment

*Recirculating water through a two layer filtration filter system

*Naturally balances the pond by the encouragement of the growth of beneficial bacteria

*Important to keep your fish and plants healthy

The Beckett Professional Filter and Fountain Kit combines a filter, pump and fountain for your garden pond. and all you have to do is assemble it  by following the easy instructions. The 210 gph pump goes inside the filter box, and then is surrounded with the included biological media balls. The biological media balls are covered with different height spikes,which creates  places for the  biological bacteria to grow and multiply. Debris is prevented from clogging up the pump by a macrofilter consisting of both fine and coarse filter mats which cover the pump. The box has a lid made of a fine screen which allows water to enter the unit, but trapping large pieces of debris.  The kit also enables you to add a fountain feature to your garden pond. Inside the kit risers and two different types of fountain heads are included. Select either the  flower shaped or three tier fountain head, and fix it to the top of the riser. The fountain is powered by opening the diverter valve. To power two water features such as a spitter and a fountain adjust the valve. The Beckett Professional Filter and Fountain Kit is best ideal for filtering ponds up to 350 gallons, and is designed for use in ponds approximately 18 inches deep. The black color and compact size will remain unobtrusive. Kit includes three tier fountain nozzle, 1440 diverter valve with flow control, and two extension tubes (for waterfall attachment), pump, biological media balls and 20 foot power cord. The Beckett Professional Filter and Fountain Kit includes everything required to efficiently filter your garden pond and setting up a water feature of your choice.

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I am so happy with my Beckett Pond Filter. I have a good size pond in our yard and this has helped with having to clean it so often. Read more

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