Beckett 7040310 Pond Filter

Beckett 7040310 Pond Filter

Designed for ponds up to 350 or 700 gallons respectively. Water filters down through 3 filtration media and is recirculated back into the pond through a fountain head. When the fountain spray (3 Tier Nozzle) begins to dwindle, it is time to clean the filter. Includes a diverter/control valve (model 1400) and two extension tubes, so the filter can be attached to a waterfall. Includes a G325 pump with 20′ power cord (300 gph @ 1′). 5-1/4″H x 7-1/4″W x 13-1/2″D.Are you looking to clean your backyar

List Price: $ 143.99

Price: $ 49.35

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