Beckett 7060210 325 gph Submersible Pump

Beckett 7060210 325 gph Submersible Pump

  • Water pump for ponds up to 700 gallons, garden waterfalls, fountains
  • Circulates 325 gallons per hour; oil free design is environmentally friendly
  • Designed for underwater use with low maintenance, continuous operation
  • UL and CSA approved for optimal safety
  • Includes 16-foot power cord; 2-year manufacturer warranty

Perfect for a water garden or fountain feature. Provides healthy circulation for up to 700 gallon ponds. Pumps 325 gph at one foot height. Maximum lift is 12.2 feet. UL and CSA approved, this pump operates at 115 volts with an extra long 20 foot cord and connects with half inch ID tubing. And it’s oil free and environment friendly. This is a low maintenance, continuous duty operation pump.Circulate water in your pond while being kind to fish and plants. With the Beckett Versa Gold fountain pump,

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 26.79

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