Build Your Own Garden Pond

Build Your Own Garden Pond

Although you could pay a professional to build your garden pond for you, many people decide to create it by themselves.  If you are considering doing it yourself you will be glad to know that it isn’t as difficult a task as you might expect.  The main thing is to do a bit of research on the fundamentals of how to go about it.  Get a few good books or search the web for step-by-step instructions and advice.  To get you started, here is a brief overview of the basics to creating that perfect pond for your garden.


Where to place your pond


First off, you will need to work out which is the best place in your garden to begin digging the hole that will be the basis of your pond.  The size of the garden will determine the width and depth of the pond.  If you plan on keeping fish in it, it is important to consider the depth of the pond.  It needs to be deep enough to give the fish plenty of space to move around in, especially if the upper water level freezes over.  Another way to keep your fish –and plant life- happy is to avoid positioning the pond under trees or other shaded areas.  Make sure the sun can reach your pond.

Once the hole is dug, the next step is to place a liner in it.  This is vital to prevent the water in the pond from draining away. 


The need for filtration


During the building of your pond, you will need to plan how you intend to filter the waste that will build up in it.  A rule of thumb is that the larger the area of water, the more efficiently this waste can be dealt with.  A good filter can be picked up from any pet or garden store.  Also purchase some gravel.  This will be needed to create a bed in the pond, which will control bacteria.


Once the pond is built, it is advisable to introduce fish to the pond one at a time. Plonking all of your intended fish in the pond all at the same time will disrupt the natural filtering of the bacteria.


Finally, be sure to clean the pond on a regular basis.  This will compliment the work of the filter and help maintain a healthy pond.

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