Choosing The Right Koi Pond Filters

Choosing The Right Koi Pond Filters

Some people have biological koi pond filters, and find that for their large 1,200 gallon or more ponds, this just isn’t enough to keep their pumps from constantly clogging with debris. These kinds of filters are a great way to reduce ammonia and nitrites from your water, but larger debris like twigs, and leaves, these tend to clog up more. For this reason, you should always use a mechanical pre-filter in your pond as well.

There are two different kinds of these pre-filtering systems available. One draws water from the bottom of you koi pond. If you have a small pond, with less maintainance needs, these are a good choice. There are many different prefilters for these smaller ponds, Powerflo, Nautilus, Laguna, and Pond Master are just a few. For larger ponds, you really need a skimmer type of pond filter. These draw water from the surface, taking any debris that’s floating on your fish pond, before it has a chance to sink to the bottom and create problems.

You shouldn’t use these pre-filters in combination, but either are quite effective at adding that extra filtration needed when a biological filter is just not enough. There are sand filters, but these have a tendency to clog your garden pond pumps, but there is also a newer more effective kind, the glass filter. These are filled with small glass beads, which are small enough to filter quite effectively, but the beads don’t pass through and clog up you koi pond filter, or pump.

If you are considering using a regular pool filter for your kio pond, don’t. These pumps use more energy, and aren’t supposed to run continuously like a bio-filter is. If you use a pool pump, you are going to have a much higher utility bill at the end of the month. Using a koi pond filter will not only save you money, but the hassle of having to replace the pool filter anyway. Start smart, don’t use a pool filter.

There are many different brands of filters on the market, and picking the right one can be difficult, especially for the beginner. You may want to take advantage of any Koi clubs in your area, because these clubs can be a valuable assett for a number of reasons. One, you will be able to visit different koi ponds, and if you haven’t starting making your own, or maybe don’t have a lot of ideas, then seeing other ones can provide some that you may not have thought of before. Another reason is experience. Many club members have years of experience raising kio, and other decorative fish, and you can you their knowledge to your advantage. You aren’t going to be put down for asking questions, and in fact, other owner’s will be glad to steer you in the right direction.

You can buy your koi pond filter from several different online companies, and to say brand “A” is better than brand “B” would not be right. In truth, only you can decide which product and brand is right for you, but by speaking with other people who have more experience than you do, you can come up with a more informed decision. You really have to compare costs with features, availability of replacement filter medium, and shipping, in order to find the one that not only fits your budget, but is has the most value for your money.

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