Cleaning a UV Pond Filter…

Without getting our hands dirty!
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10 Responses to “Cleaning a UV Pond Filter…”

  1. zhannaWiley says:

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  2. Gregmills007 says:

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  3. mostafaashraf2004 says:

    Do I have to have Pump running 24 hours thru the filter to prevent the benifical bacterial from dying? If not, then for how long can I have it off B4 they do die? Thanks your videos are very informational.

  4. DMAXMANIAK says:

    ofcourse you didnt get your hands dirty! because you are a lazy ass, do a better job and clean that filter like you should..

  5. DMAXMANIAK says:

    let me gess that pond has been clean out 4 -5 month before the video.. the uv light in that filter is crapy and the filter not good enough for that size pond….. maybe if you clean filter everyweek.. other than that you know it sucks.. and please dont be lazy and open that filter and wash it down.. u dont get a real good cleanin if you just do the backwash crap..

  6. speedo58 says:

    what name for uv filter pond

  7. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    from what I know biological filtration paired up with ultra violet filtration seems to be the best way to go with ponds. I myself try to avoid any chemicals in my entire garden. Of course I am creating a native wildlife habitat sooo your goals might be different than mine

  8. pondguru says:

    Do you get Filtoclear filters from OASE in America? I find these excellent to clean. Do you ever install these filters with a permanent pipe laid to a drain? I fit a pipe to the drain attachment with an in line tap to shut off flow near the filter. It saves messing about with fittings and extra lenghts of pipe (which the customer can loose anyway) The drain pipe is buried or coiled up near to the filter depending on the situation. There is a vid of me cleaning a Filtoclear 11,000 on my channel.

  9. stewy098 says:

    great vid

  10. buki671 says:

    thanks for the vids.. really helping me out.. i looked up this filter and i did not notice a chemical filter.. like activated carbon in aquariums.. does this filter provide that.. also does a pond need to have chemical filtration??

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