Clear water in Garden Ponds – Maintaining Sparkling Water In Your Pond

Clear water in Garden Ponds – Maintaining Sparkling Water In Your Pond

Clean pond water not only looks nice, but your fish appreciate it too. Water gardens take a lot of hard work. Using pond products and maintaining them constantly, ponds will have a long life. It is well worth the time and effort it takes to keep a pond looking its best. The ancient Egyptians used to build water gardens that had iris, papyrus, and water lilies in them. They used these to enhance their already amazing structures.

People are still using water to create the ultimate look in their yard, provide a place for relaxing, or to boost the value of their property. The products listed below will aid you in keeping your pond water as clear as possible. There are water treatment, filter, and other products described below. This information will help you in your decision on what might work best in your pond.

Water Treatments:

Crystals and powders are available to help clear any debris from the waterfalls and rocks in a pond. These usually begin working right away. As soon as this type of water treatment is added to a murky pond, the water clarity begins to increase in a matter of minutes. Make sure these are non-hazardous if fish are living in the pond. Some types won’t harm plants, but might make fish ill.

Two typical examples of water treatments involve using enzymes to prevent debris buildup or some type of ionization. The enzyme formula detoxifies inorganic and organic waste by reacting with natural elements. Sometimes this type also adds more oxygen to the water for a brief period of time. During the ion exchange process, crystal water treatments reduce the level of ammonia present in the pond. Both of these types of water treatments last an average of 3 months.

Filter System:

The filtration system for a pond has to be a bit more intense than the small versions used in aquariums. Many filters can easily clean up to 1000 gallons with no problem. Pumps suck up water from the pond, pass it through a filtration system to clean it, and then pump the water back into the pond. This is a constant process and the filter needs to be changed often. Some filters last only a month before they need to be replaced, while others can last for up to three months.

Barley Straw:

Pads, strips, and floating mats made of barley straw are able to be added to any pond. This is a natural alternative to the many chemicals people use for clear water in ponds. The straw releases phenols as it breaks down, which causes algae to clump together and sink. This type of protection can last for about 6 months.

The placing of barley straw in a pond will be determined by the water flow. In order to make sure that the phenols are released into the entire pond, straw needs to be placed near the waterfall or other type of water inlet used. If the pond doesn’t have a waterfall or other type of water flow, then the straw should be placed in the middle of the pond.

Using any of these products will enable you to have the pond you’ve always wanted. Knowing what methods are available for improving water clarity will help you to decide what will work best for the needs of your pond.

Garden ponds featuring clear water is an evident sign of a clean, healthy pond environment, it really is fun and rewarding to own a beautiful water garden.

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