Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal

Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal

  • 14″ L x 9 1/2″ W x 5″ H
  • Warranty: One year

bio pond filters provide mechanical and biological filtration. Results in beautiful, crystal clear, healthy water. Fish Mate Compact Bio, Max Pond Size 500 Gallons.

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 53.49

Price: $ 29.99

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4 Responses to “Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal”

  1. birdlady says:

    Review by birdlady for Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal
    This product works very well in filtering my 125 gal koi pond which includes plants such as: fairy moss, chocolate mint and of course koi. The brush catches the large pieces and I clean the brush very week to keep the flow of water at maxiumum. The compact bio filter is easy to install, upkeep, and hide at the pond. I liked these so well, it was my second purchase of this filter. I was running another one on my larger 300 gal tank.

  2. Thomas P. says:

    Review by Thomas P. for Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal

    The Fish Mate Bio Pond filter, I am sure, is excellent for ponds. However, i use mine for large aquariums. These are great filters, providing superb mechanical and biological filtration… keeping the water crystal-clear. One could easily pay around a $1,000 for an aquarium wet/dry filter… but these babies are amazingly inexpensive (yet they perform just as well)! I use ViaAqua water pumps for mine… these pumps are very quiet and trouble-free. Unlike canister filters for large aquariums, these are easily accessed for easy filter maintenance. These are rugged, very dependable filters; they really get the job done. Mine rest directly on top of my aquariums, to the side (either on the top 1/4 inch cover glass or directly on top of the acrylic tank’s top); and they are not too massive as to be unsightly. If you are getting these for ponds, the ones with UV lights will eliminate algae. Since I’ve obtained these, my water has been crystal clear and much more pleasant to look at.

  3. swissmiss says:

    Review by swissmiss for Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal
    We purchased two of these filters and accompanying bubblers when they were on sale. There was no way we could find them at a store for the price we paid, even with shipping. We installed both of them in our pond at different levels, and both are functioning well. Good buy!

  4. Puller Dawg says:

    Review by Puller Dawg for Compact Bio Pond Filter, 1000 Gal
    If you’re looking to clean up your pond or ‘water feature’ as the pros on HGTV call it, don’t waste your money on this. Spend the extra cash and get a UV light. After 3 weeks my pond is as green as it was when I added this. I tried to take the cheap way out and it reminded me of the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

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