Danner Foam Filter For 190

Danner Foam Filter For 190

  • black foam: 7 3/4″w x 9 3/4″l x 1/2″hwhite pads: 3 1/4″w x 9″l x 1″h

Replacement set of pads for PMK 190. Includes foam and coarse poly filter pads.

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List Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 6.60

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3 Responses to “Danner Foam Filter For 190”

  1. K. Baggan says:

    Review by K. Baggan for Danner Foam Filter For 190
    I purchased the Pondmaster 190 a couple years ago. I have a pond only 8inches deep and i’ve had problems forever in trying to filter it. I’ve lost many stocks of fish due to minor lapses in other cleaning methods. However that filter i’ve never had problems since.

    It offers biological and mechanical filtration but no chemical filtration. So if this method is critical in your pond i recommend avoiding this filter. However for me, my water chemistry is usually not difficult to maintain so i’m less worried about chemical filtration.

    I’m not sure what the manufacturer recommendation is, but i change the media every six months, but with that it requires either monthly or fortnightly cleaning and rinsing of the media.So if buying new media is easier that’s a better option.

    Regardless this is an excellent product (both the filter and media)

  2. D. P. Murray says:

    Review by D. P. Murray for Danner Foam Filter For 190
    its a foam filter…. works great, more than what I needed so I am happy to have backup.

  3. Brenda J. Tripodes says:

    Review by Brenda J. Tripodes for Danner Foam Filter For 190
    I was so desperate to find replacement filters for the small pump that I purchased for my garden pond. The filter has to be cleaned regularly because of silt and fish food that settles to the bottom. My fish and I thank this company for its product and the quick and easy filling of my order!

    Brenda Tripodes

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