diy home made pond filter test

t check out my final design –diy pond filter 5five in 1one easy care, low Maintenance…..this is made glass and stainless steel screen 200microns

SF1 Submersible Flat Box Filter
Keeps ponds clean and prevents pump and fountain heads from clogging. Includes a flat filter box with filter-to-hose fitting, coar…
Pondmaster PMK1250 Pond Filter with 250gph Pump and Bonus Fountain Head
This Pondmaster Filtration System with Pump Fountain includes filter, bell style and adjustable fountain heads, a magnetic drive 2…
Tetra Waterfall Filter, Up to 1000-Gallon
The TetraPond Waterfall Filter creates beautiful waterfalls quickly and easily. The mesh bag allows for the addition of bio-media …
Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit with Pump, Pre-Filter, and Fountain Kit, Ponds up to 100 Gallons
Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit is ideal for small to mid-size preformed ponds under 100 gallons. Fountain assembly includ…
Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
A contained body of water is subject to conditions such as dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation that affect the water cl…
Danner 02211 PM1000 12-Inch by 12-Inch Mechanical Pond Filter
These innovative low profile filters are designed to be unobtrusive in the bottom of the pond. Their large filter area means less …
Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter BP2500, Ponds up to 2500 Gallons
Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter BP2500 is designed for ponds up to 2500 gallons. Bio-Active Pressure Filters provide mechan…
Fish Mate 1000 G-BIO
The Fish Mate 228 Gravity Bio Filter provides powerful mechanical and biological filtration: profiled sponge pads catch algae clum…

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6 Responses to “diy home made pond filter test”

  1. Mr1SUPERB says:

    oh its called stainless steel screen 200/300 microns then you have to make a support to make sturdy, strong enough to hold the pressure

  2. cottagefog1960 says:

    I searched through 6 pages of Sieves on ebay. Found nothing close to what you have pictured! ANy other help locating what you have in the video?

  3. Mr1SUPERB says:

    ebay 200/300 microns

  4. Mr1SUPERB says:

    this is just a test have you see the final design…if not look for ——diy-pt1 pond filter 5 in 1 easy care,low maintenance

  5. cottagefog1960 says:

    Where did you buy the sieve screen from?

  6. IntegraGSR5 says:

    i like the way it looks, but why using glass ? u want algae to build up instead of trying to get rid of it ?

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