DIY Pond Filter part2

showing the functioning filter with fish in the medicated tank.
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Wow, 91 subscribers now! I’m amazed. I spent my birthday today doing this video for you guys to thank you all for your moral support. My pond filtration system as it is now. This video supercedes V8 My Biofilter.

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35 Responses to “DIY Pond Filter part2”

  1. laurajdahl says:

    Some green is good… Green Algae is good… Plus, algae is a type of plant and they let off oxygen where the fish breath out carbon dioxide and the plants breath in the carbon dioxide.

  2. LilyISay says:

    @tonmagicwon this tank is away from the main store and never seen by our customers, so I don’t worry much about not appearing professional- if you’re constructing for a clientele, it’s unlikely they will put up with green water for any reason. But if you’re breeding koi , it’s a different story.

  3. senorpsycho says:

    What kind of pump are you using?

  4. solarpondsupplycom says:

    Why are you medicating your fish? What was wrong with them?

  5. tonmagicwon says:

    nomatter what spin you put on it the water is green looks bad like your not professional try barly pellets

  6. stvnivan says:

    nice pond :)

  7. LilyISay says:

    nope, nothing on the inlet, but the ponds are heavily netted all the time so it’s not an issue. We also use solids-handling pumps. However, if you do want to protect the inlet there’s lots of things that will work- we generally use 2 water plant baskets strapped around the pump as a prefilter.

  8. IntegraGSR5 says:

    did u use anything to cover the pump inlet so debris wont mess ur pump up ? or u just leave it like that ?

  9. LilyISay says:

    Very welcome. More to come as and when we have the time to make them.

  10. BenjaminZZR says:

    Very informative and excellent video thanx for posting.

  11. boogie8ball says:

    the best filtration on youtube,your fish must be happy

  12. masvidus says:

    good idea on adding jap-mats on top of the shower media. i just did my DIY bakki shower and had water splashing problems.will add the jap-mat soon.thx.

  13. hooinc says:

    @chengaun Depends on how big your trickle is. Sodium thiosulphate is quite harmless and cheap, so why stinge on it?

  14. chengaun says:

    @hooinc is it a must to add anti chlorice/chloramine everyday? with such a small trickle, will the chlorine/chloramine harm the fish and bacteria much?

  15. hooinc says:

    @poisonXvenom If I were to do my filter again, I would not lay my mats the way I did in this video. I would do them David Soon’s style which he posted photos of in the old Malaysian forum. The photos are no longer there but he said he would post a video of them soon on Bito. Watch out for it. :-)

  16. hooinc says:

    @poisonXvenom The reason why we tend not to hang our mats all the way down is that anything deeper than 4 feet is likely to attract anaerobic bacteria rather than beneficial bacteria. This is what I have been advised, whether right or wrong. The oxygen levels reduce as we get deeper.

  17. poisonXvenom says:

    @hooinc Oh, My biofiltration will all be based on my K1 media. I wanted the mats to be used as mechanical filtration.

  18. hooinc says:

    @poisonXvenom Best not to think of the mats as mechanical filtration but as BIOfiltration. ie a media where good bacteria can colonize on their surface and convert ammonia to nitrites and subsequently nitrites to nitrates. Sieves and brushes in the first chamber do well as mechanical filtration before the water hits the J-mats.

  19. poisonXvenom says:

    How do the mats filter all the water, if there is space under them? Wouldn’t it be better if the mats extended all the way down? I just built my chamber and it will go from brushes to mats to fluid bed of k1 to oystershells similar to yours.

  20. chengaun says:

    @hooinc i go there because my grandparents live there and when i go to visit them, i go to Desmonds shop

  21. hooinc says:

    @chengaun Yes. Why do you go all the way there? Desmond can deliver to your house. I have never been to his shop.

  22. chengaun says:

    @hooinc Vinson Aquarium in Kajang?? i’m a regular there :)

  23. hooinc says:

    @chengaun It costs about RM350 if you call Desmond of Vinson at 016-3329910

  24. chengaun says:

    how much did your resun LP 100 air blower cost??

  25. hooinc says:

    @chengaun 24 hours. Bacteria seem to work fine, you’ve seen my water tests.

  26. chengaun says:

    is the constant trickling water really on for 24 hours?? does it harm beneficial bacteria? i believe you dont use a prefilter?

  27. hooinc says:

    @ace8063 About 3 feet.

  28. ace8063 says:

    how wide is your filter??

  29. wreckdiver61 says:

    wow nice job

  30. hooinc says:

    @yerfdogg Not really sure, maybe over 2,000W?

  31. yerfdogg says:

    how many watts does your filter system take?

  32. chengaun says:

    @hooinc haha lol. ya i read it and i know that u do that when u backfluch thr filters

  33. hooinc says:

    @chengaun If you read my forum thread, you will know that I change 5-10% water DAILY. Read, don’t be lazy!

  34. chengaun says:

    @hooinc so is it rue that the koi keeper is supposed to change 25 – 30 % of the water every week to remove ammonia etc?

  35. IntegraGSR5 says:

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnn mannnnnnnn. i think ur so mad crazzzyyyy. now the koi gonna live longer than u. whos gonna take care of them after that ? lol

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