diy-pt2 pond filter 5 in 1 easy care, low maintenance

add one more filter sock if you wanna learned how to make one like this here some basic parts list…. my owned design this is 5 in 1 filter easy maintenance filter.. easy to make this filter will work up to 10.000gal basic parts list stainless steel mesh 200/300 microns aquarium tank 50 gallons 5/8 thick glass for pvc and ssteel mesh holder acrylic for divider

Finally ive got a filter in my pond. its been over 4 years and here it is. i no it might not be the best looking filter but it pumps 225 gallons of water every hour. im going to get a bigger filter tank thing but this will work for right now. THIS IS JUST A PROTOTYPE. hateful or otherwise comments will be removed If you have any questions just ask me. leave your comments below

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28 Responses to “diy-pt2 pond filter 5 in 1 easy care, low maintenance”

  1. kelleighlee says:

    Thanks for the reply. I know this is alot to ask but I need the step by step instructions. PLEASE

  2. Mr1SUPERB says:

    hi there!! if you trying to make one like this is easy “but” you need to get all the parts specially the drill bit for glass 3-1/2inch for pipe back to pond water..and 2-1/4inch drill bit for bulkhead for water intake to screen (2inch pipe intake and 3inch pipe outtake) drillbit from ebay 2weeks waiting time.. and 50gall aquarium tank

  3. Mr1SUPERB says:

    this uv light is Aqua uv classic 25watts then i modified it and used a shower drain fixture connect together i will upload video how its made

  4. kelleighlee says:

    I really like your this design. I would like to try and copy it but I am not mechanically inclined. I know this is alot to ask but could you post or do you have step by step instructions on how to build this? My husband works alot and I hate to ask him for help. Plus I really want to do it myself. Thank You

  5. thrasheron2 says:

    great job, very creative. as far as your universal UV can you elaborate on that.

  6. thrasheron2 says:

    grea job, very creative. as far as your universal UV can you elaborate on that.

  7. IntegraGSR5 says:

    looks nice.

  8. TheFishExpert says:

    No more that 20 bux, the pump was the most expensive thing

  9. ilikebabyturtle says:

    how much was it????/

  10. TheFishExpert says:


  11. ilikebabyturtle says:

    where u get the media

  12. MrJarco80 says:

    yours is so small lol

  13. hils65 says:

    basic but doing the job !

  14. 4Botyok says:


  15. TheFishExpert says:


  16. 4Botyok says:

    What kind of filter is this ?

  17. LegoCVT says:

    you should add more media it has plenty of space

  18. TheFishExpert says:

    thats what i said

  19. jjrrhh11 says:

    finally something easy enough i can use on mine lol

  20. SparrowSquad says:

    Probably for the best lol

  21. TheFishExpert says:


  22. SparrowSquad says:

    Were you thinking of making a video explaining what you did?

  23. TheFishExpert says:

    Yes, filters out algae in the water and other stuff…..

  24. LegoCVT says:

    does it actually improve the water quality

  25. Relda999 says:

    i’m telling my sis about this b/c her filter broke.

  26. fstyle28 says:

    Good job pal!

  27. visualkeirockstar says:

    cool, i’m making something like that

  28. airsoftking2636 says:

    what does this have to do with charle bit my finger lol !

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