Do-It-Yourself Pond Filter

Do-It-Yourself Pond Filter

A certain pond will not be complete without pond water filters. This equipment is necessary to maintain not just a healthy fish pond but also a pond with quality water. Without a working filtration system, a pond will not last even for just a couple of days.


It is a usual thing for ponds to accumulate contaminants like unwanted debris, leftover fish food, fish wastes, dead algae remnants, sand, and other things that are foreign especially to fish ponds. A pond filter is needed to serve the purpose of creating a healthy ecosystem for pond inhabitants such as fish, plants and other helpful organisms.


Any form of filter especially the bio-filter and the homemade filter does not physically remove these pond water contaminants. To a certain extent, a homemade pond filter works to convert the nitrites, nitrates and ammonia in the pond into other more useful forms for the plants and fish to benefit.


If you are planning on buying an expensive pond filter but seems like your budget is not enough, then you might want to resort on putting up your own pond filter. For this you will need a large plastic pot or any container alike, net bags, large lava rocks with hefty surface area and a submersible pond pump. If you have large plastic containers then the lava rocks should also be large for the filter to function properly. It is important that if your pond is big and has higher water volume, you should consider 20-30 pounds of lava rocks in order to match the need of a larger pond.


The first thing that you need to do is to put the lava rocks in the net bags. Be sure that you put the right weight each bag can hold. Before doing this, of course the lava rocks need to be washed clean. You may think that lava rocks quite lighter at first but as they stay in the pond for a longer period of time, bacteria and waste accumulation will make them heavier. For you to know if each bag carries the weight it can handle, try to put a few lava rocks then dip it in the water. If you can easily lift it up back then the weight is enough.


The next step will require you to have a submersible pond pump because it will be put at the bottom of the plastic container which will be used as the pond filter. The reason behind this is that the adjustment of attached electrical wiring and tubing can be much easier for they will just stick out the container. After doing so, this is the perfect timing when you can put the net bags of lava rocks over the pump.


The steps are very easy to follow and the materials required are not that expensive and easy to find. Therefore if you are in a tight budget but wanting to have a functional pond filter, then go for the process of building your own pond filter.


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