External Biological Pond Filter

External Biological Pond Filter provide mechanical and biological filtration
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Tetra Pond Waterfall Filter, Ponds up to 1000 Gallons
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Uv+ Bio Pond Filter, 8W 500 Gal
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Uv+ Bio Pond Filter, 8W 500 Gal
Uv+bio pond filters provide uv clarification to destroy algae in addition to mechanical and biological filtration. Results in beau…
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UNO Pond Filter
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15 Responses to “External Biological Pond Filter”

  1. dolittle1992 says:

    really efficieant looking filter but here doesn’t seem to be enough room for the pump, especially if you have a large one.

  2. mckTXaws101 says:

    Personally I like in-pond skimmers better. I did notice the liner stress you are talking about.

  3. mckTXaws101 says:

    I just bought a Laguna Power Flo 1000, 2 weeks ago. Works nice. Only 1 problem, it’s hard finding a good spot for it, where it can be hidden. It’s so big if you have limited space. Later we will probably put a Power Clear 700 UV clarifier. This year is the earliest I’v seen algae in March. Doesn’t happen too offen.

  4. Arteolike says:

    At 2:50 this shows that some one doesn’t know how to install a skimmer! Look at that thing it will rip at any moment.

  5. PR0CRASTINAT0R says:

    It would be great to have an experienced ponder like you on our site!

    I like your pond videos and want to invite you to join a pond site to share your stuff!

    Please join the new OldGardenPond,com group today! I learned a ton of stuff and it gave me the motivation to finish up my own pond. POST EVERY DOG-GONE POND PICTURE AND VIDEO YOU GOT! Sign the Guest Book and let us hear you on the message board. This site will be rocking, because you will make it happen!

  6. Venrellin says:


  7. squirrelkiller247 says:

    wich one? if its the first one its about 130-150 u.s dollars, i just got one today from my local garden store thats going out of biusness and i got a brand new one still in unopend box for 30 bucks!

  8. hustlerlankan says:

    there are ways to market your product, and this one takes away from brand image(and makes the company look desperate) but adds to brand awareness….which is a trade off..

  9. matthewjohnmcgee says:

    okay i didnt know

  10. artyysta says:

    DUHHHHHhhhhhhh I was being sarcastic….hellooooooooooo :D

  11. matthewjohnmcgee says:

    ponds have water this is a pond filter clip
    about (WATER) cleaning

  12. matthewjohnmcgee says:

    well the company is laguna
    they make a lot of products so thay must
    tell about it

  13. brian31coise says:

    how much is this laguna pond filter?

  14. artyysta says:

    he says water to much too—-

  15. hustlerlankan says:

    he says laguna too many times

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