Feb 2011 – Changing Nishikigoi Pond Media Filter

Visit my Nishikigoi Blog at www.kusukakoi.com ! For almost 3 years, my stock pond’s filtration has been using porous sea rocks and bio balls only. The result are – High TDS, GH and KH, very rapid sumi development and stable pH, but the beni quality is also decreasing significantly. On the growth aspect, i didn’t see any difference between my home pond (chilled at 23C, medium TDS around 200 ppm), some of my koi in my stock pond grows faster than the one at home pond. This year .. I decided to make 2 changes to this stock pond : 1. Replace the porous sea rocks (karang jahe) on the pond’s 2 biological chambers into japmat and move 4 sacks of these rocks into the pump chamber. 2. Replace the some of the roofs with transparent material so the sun rays can get into the pond, so that it can help to increase the quality of beni By doing these changes, I’m trying to achieve a better beni quality and a lower TDS to get a better growth rate. Hopefully this experiment goes well !!

Project “Clean Sweep” Part I July 2, 2010. This is part one of a series in which I will attempt to cleanse my pond. I will be using the “skippy design” along with a new UV clarifier.
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10 Responses to “Feb 2011 – Changing Nishikigoi Pond Media Filter”

  1. chengaun says:

    Not too surprised. The reason for that is :

    1. The pond is sloped towards the BD.
    2. The air ring also help very well.

  2. harirahardjo says:

    The water in thr pond move in circular pettern, yes. Very slow though … Yet the solid waste moved towards the center of the pond to the BD

  3. chengaun says:

    is this pond circular water flow??

  4. chengaun says:

    and btw, though many hobbyists prefer lower TDS, a koi expert ( David Soon ) prefers higher TDS for building strong koi bodies

  5. chengaun says:

    in an indoor pond, ph crashes are usually not very bad, but better to be safe than sorry. in paticular, things such as rain ( which is acidic ) and unfrequent water change cause ph crashes. :)

  6. harirahardjo says:

    : Thanks Chengaun, may i ask you what sort of things that can cause pH crash ? Does indoor pond face this problem often ?

  7. chengaun says:

    no, oyster shells will not make TDS go up…they just are a very good buffer :)

  8. harirahardjo says:

    1. Thanks Chengaun,
    2. I will consider your suggestion. Will oysters make the TDS go up or not ?
    3. I use regular bioballs on every tiers .. dont have money to buy momotaro bacteria house yet. Hahaha.

  9. chengaun says:

    1.This is a very good system to grow jumbo koi.
    2.I really like what you did to the filtration but i recommend you change those corals in the pump chamber to oyster shells. ( better at Ph buffering and corals may cause Hikui)
    3. what media do u use in the bakki showers??

  10. catscarer says:

    Its a really nice build but why did you go for reverse flow . why not just let gravity do its job would also cause some oxygenation as it fell on surface of filter ( ps im no expert for sure and i like your filter build ).

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