Garden Pond and Its Best Winter Care

Garden Pond and Its Best Winter Care

A garden pond is indeed a beautiful ornament for your backyard and exterior. However, in order to maintain its health and beauty, you have to understand about the proper care in different season. Mostly, garden pond faces very hard time during winter. Therefore, giving the best care and its inhabitants properly during winter months will help you to maintain the lasting beauty of your pond.

The change of the temperature influences a lot of things in the way you take care of your pond. The most influenced thing is in the way you feed your fish. In lower temperature, fish are facing difficulty to digest the food properly. Therefore, when the temperature of the water reaches 55 Fahrenheit degrees, it is better to stop giving their usual food. Instead, you can give low protein or vegetable based food supply. Furthermore, when the temperature of the weather reaches 45 Fahrenheit degrees, you should completely stop feeding your fish because they cannot digest their food in this certain temperature.

Besides, the change of the temperature also brings great effect to the immune systems of your fish and they have higher risk to catch disease. You can lower down the organisms or disease-causing bacteria by taking broad based chemical treatment. You can start to do the treatment about four to six weeks from when the temperature drops.

The next thing in your pond to be taken care during winter is the filter. Around 50 Fahrenheit degrees of temperature, the biological activity in a pond filter is reduced. Therefore, you do not really need your pond filter to work during winter. You can disconnect your pond filtration system until the temperature rises gradually in early spring.

Of course, maintaining the cleanliness of your pond will be also very useful care for winter. Make sure that you clean all the leaves fallen in your pond before they are decayed in your pond. The decaying process produces some harmful substance or poison for fish and the inhabitant of the pond.

By giving proper care during winter, maintaining the beauty and the health of your pond is not something impossible to do.

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