Helpful Hints for Garden Pond Filters

Helpful Hints for Garden Pond Filters

Many people that are installing a garden pond often wonder if they really do need to install garden pond filters and what will happen if they don’t.

There are some cases if you have a very small pond with no fish and very few plants, that you may be able to get away without having a pond filter. These are however not overly expensive items, and are well worth the investment based on all the benefits they provide to even the small simple pond.

Understanding how garden pond filters work and their purpose, gives a clearer picture as to why making a decision to add one to your pond is the right one.

Most people are not satisfied with just a simple empty pond and end up adding aquatic plants and most often fish to it. This is when it is a necessity to have a garden pond filtering system. The pond will be exposed to the fish waste, food they don’t eat, and debris that land in the pond from the atmosphere. Over time these begin to rot and contaminate the pond.  Simply put, your filtration system is your garden pond sewage system.

There are a variety of filtering systems that have their own way of fulfilling the necessary requirements. These can be biological filtering systems, or mechanical, and the best being the combination of both,

These filtering systems possess a filter that the pond water passes through. As it does, the good bacteria that is in the pond breaks down the harmful materials. There are times where the larger particles become trapped in the filter, and this is the reason why filters must be manually cleaned during the pond maintenance regime.

Two common types of garden pond filtration:

Gravity operated
The water is returned to the pond after going through the filtering system by gravity. This means the filter must be higher than the pump to achieve this. These types of systems are not expensive.

Pressure operated
The water is returned by means of force or pressure therefore they can don’t have to be higher than the pump. Many individuals are beginning to favor this type of pond filtration system because it easy to maintain, and it has backwashing capabilities making it easy to clean.

Aside from these there are many other types of garden pond filters but they all work on the same premise. It may be a little overwhelming trying to determine which is best suited for your pond. Taking into account the number and type of fish you have housed in your pond for example, will help you decide on how complex of a pond filter system you require. In addition to this, you will also have to consider pond clarifiers or sterilizers to help keep your algae in control.

With the proper pond filtration system combined with the other garden pond supply requirements you should have many hours of enjoyment of a clean healthy pond.

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