Home made pond bio filter for koi pond 3000 gallon

I made a home made filter. I used 4 plastic barrel from the car wash…….4 chambers…………1ST Chamber is a brush that i buy from aquatic eco system 4 inc. wide 24 inc. long. ………2ND Chamber is pvc pipe that i cut inch. long a lot of them…….3RD Chamber is a lava rock that i put it a bag so it’s easy to clean, all you have to do just pick the bag up and rinse it with the water from the pond so you won’t kill the bacteria……4TH Chamber is where i put my submersable pump is………after 3 to 4 months the water it become cristal clear…as you can see the vedeo……..thank you for watching. And if you have any questions ….just ask….
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Cheap and easy, what more do you need…

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28 Responses to “Home made pond bio filter for koi pond 3000 gallon”

  1. MrMagwhai says:

    yes you can….the pump is gonna be inside your pond…… the pump is pushing the water to the filtration system and the water fall in to the pond….thank you fill free to ask.

  2. v891frb says:

    hi can you make one like this which is not gravity fed thanks mitch

  3. spinaway says:

    nice job,Well done.

  4. shelf4you2001 says:

    Thanks for the video. It made me think how I could use this idea. I would have to hide mine under a big flat rock, no deck

  5. giltneda says:

    Here is a good step-by-step guide to build a koi pond skimmer on the cheap: davesuncommonsense.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-to-make-cheap-homemade-koi-pond.html

  6. MovieDemocom says:

    Howdy, I am looking at skimmers and came across your video. I am putting the skimmer in the same type of place as you… under a deck. However, I am putting in a trap door that I can lift up – to allow easy access. something to think about. Thanks again for video.

  7. TheFishExpert says:

    looks good

  8. axemurderer4hire says:

    I’d like to see more on how you did that float switch! … Next step: join all those deck boards together and hinge them to the joists so it lifts as a unit like a trapdoor.

  9. axemurderer4hire says:

    Next step, screw all those deck boards together and hinge them to the joists so you can lift it up and open like a trapdoor! Nice DIY work on that, thanks for posting!

  10. tgkoiguy says:

    DANGER, nice design, but toilet valves are designed for clean water. Algae and other debris will eventually clog up this valve, and it could clog it in the open position, flooding your pond with chlorinated water. You won’t notice until pond overllows and fish are dead. Get a float valve for dirty water situations, such as horse troughs, sump pumps to save you heartache in the future. also. put on sprinkler timer so you will see new leaks if water level drops. Voice of experience speaking.

  11. Szpivvy says:

    That’s really smart! Thank you for sharing! It may be crude but it works, and i guess you wouldn’t have to agonize over finding replacement parts. Nice job!

  12. PR0CRASTINAT0R says:

    Keep you pond out of direct sunlight and add a bio filter and a bunch of time.

  13. kitkatkro0811 says:

    hey procrastinator.. i have recently brought my pond indoors and will construct a small scale filter as you have done.. i am concerned about cloudy water and algae.. any suggestions?

  14. Seronegative2006 says:

    Thanks for sharing

  15. MokuPueo says:


  16. vanhalenman60 says:

    in one minute that would cleen my whole tank

  17. PR0CRASTINAT0R says:

    I have put two screens into the finished project. The first screen is coarse (1/4″ square) and filters out leaves, the second is fine (1/16″ squares) and catches a lot of the green stuff (string algae, etc…). The fine screen make cleaning almost a daily routine. If I just use the coarse, I can go about a week without cleaning, but I like the results I get with both.

  18. WoundedEgo says:

    Great job.

    So does this filter out algae? Or is this just for leaves and stuff?

  19. Vacationtime247 says:

    Nice job, seems to allow enough flow through as not to tear up the pump. Good idea with the level switch on / off for the pump in case of a low pond level situation. If you have problems with algae, you could teather a small bail of barley staw so it’s stationary.

  20. PR0CRASTINAT0R says:

    Only sick fish or tiny babies have got into the basket. This skimmer doesn’t really hurt them.

  21. overnewleaf says:

    Have you had any problem with fish getting into the skimmer?
    Seems very effective!

  22. polylingue says:

    Thank you very much for posting this video, it will help me a lot!!!

  23. bidenos says:

    This is great good creativity – i would love to see the 2nd generation model you come up with ( my pond is only 2′ x 4′ and i need to learn how to make my own small scale version of what you have done)

  24. solarpondsupplycom says:

    ingenious! I would have never thought of that. You should hit the market with these. Instead of saying batteries included, you could say rock included with every purchase. lol I’m not making fun, I really am impressed.

  25. CBeans420 says:

    Sweet skimmer bud, thanks for explaining the design. Peace

  26. killerburrito343 says:

    thanks dude i don’t need much money to keep my pond clean thank you

  27. otmonna says:

    tanks man

  28. atalayapark says:


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