How to build a garden fish pond

How to build a garden pond These pictures are the steps I took when building my pond in my garden. The old small pond was having serious algae issues, so I decided to go big on proper filtration. The Filter I ended up with was a 11000 litre/hour Bio mechanical pressurized unit with built in UV clarifier, I also bought a 5000 litre/hour pump with all the spare capacity I made the decision to dig out and extend my Pond and also add a waterfall and fountain. The original pond was raised and formed a bit of a sitting area so the route for me was to continue this theme all the way round. Once all the digging and shaping was complete a concrete foundation was poured into the shuttering that was supported by the bricks. Once the concrete was set, it was time to get the trowel out and the trusty spirit level and the brickwork was completed using a mix of 4 to 1 (sand to cement). The underlay is one of the most important things to consider, it is the done thing to get hold of some old carpet, this is both very strong and very tough and is ideal. I went to a carpet shop and asked what they did with the carpets that they remove when laying new ones they told me to help myself to whats in their skip….yay!!!….result. So with the entire pond now trimmed with carpet its time to install the liner. Best tip here is to take your time, and slowly fill with water, gently pulling away any crease. That done, its now just a simple matter of completing the brickwork and cutting and cementing
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25 Responses to “How to build a garden fish pond”

  1. sixstringbiker says:

    @angrypooch Hello, I will try and put something together, at present though I am building a car, and then have another project stacked up waiting. but to be fair its much the same as the last viseo but now have about 40 fish.

  2. angrypooch says:

    @sixstringbiker I mean this year

  3. sixstringbiker says:

    @The0Burger0King Hello, I used a liner protection layer under the main pond liner. As for on top of the liner, ie, so that you can see it, I havent done this yet, but I’m looking at washed tumbled blue stones, or something lavender. .. but I’m open for suggestions… :)

  4. sixstringbiker says:

    @angrypooch , hello, there is an update in my videos, :)

  5. The0Burger0King says:

    Did you put any kind of substrate at the bottom of the pond? Gravel, sand, etc…

  6. angrypooch says:

    Could you do an update?

  7. Yakuzagang5 says:

    @lasbarricadasnow You could have been eco friendly by not using coal-produced electricity to use a computer to comment on this

  8. usmcjketner says:

    @sixstringbiker Hey, good first pond, its a start. One thing since you only used liner in the time lapse DO NOT put gravel in the bottom of it. Big rocks and boulders are fine. The gravel will collect all the crap that collects in the water. Also you may want to check into a bucket filter, its not used too much anymore but you left nowhere for a skimmer box or falls box to be placed. So you have no other choice on filtering the water.

  9. sixstringbiker says:

    @gentrysnavat :) hey thanks, what a great comment. The black tarp-looking thing is in fact the pond liner, and these pictures where aken during the pond’s first fill to test the wall strength. the water level is now just, and I only mean just ( ;) ) above that level, which means its about 1 inch below the overflow outlet. :)

  10. gentrysnavat says:

    wow this pond looks great. Is there a way to hide the black tarp-looking thing??

  11. sixstringbiker says:

    @lasbarricadasnow Thanks for the comment, I guess you have a point, but then where do you stop, the cement used in brick work is very poluting during manufacture, The brick and the slabs are mass produced, and thewn there is the energy used in running the pump and filtration, not to mention the ozone gived off by all ultraviolet lamps, but then is it right to keep fish at all, would it be better to let them be free??? for me I like this in my garden, but I acknowledge your point :)

  12. lasbarricadasnow says:

    bummer about the liner…could have went eco-friendly and made a more natural pond, with some patience.

  13. sixstringbiker says:

    @cass2112 :) thanks for your great comment, just take your time and plan your pond and I’m sure it will look great :)

  14. cass2112 says:

    im thinking of building one have to say thats pretty impressive hope my ones as good as yours 5 stars!

  15. sixstringbiker says:

    @SuperPurpleStrawbery :) thanks you very much, such a nice comment :)

  16. SuperPurpleStrawbery says:

    Thats one amazing but serious pond project… But I love it! Nice job! XD

  17. sixstringbiker says:

    @archi912 Hello, I did this all myself, it took me five days start to finish, thenhalf a day to fill the pond, with is now fully filled unlike the pictures at the end of the video. The total cost, including everything, ie, sand, cement, common bricks, stone bricks, slab tops, underliner, liner, pump, filtration and hoses added up to around £700. :) oh and that included around £100 for fish

  18. archi912 says:

    @sixstringbiker Did you do this buy yourself or did you hire someone? How much was the cost for the materials?

  19. archi912 says:

    @sixstringbiker Did you do this buy yourself or did you hire someone? How much did the materials cost?

  20. sixstringbiker says:

    @MyGardenboy Hello, I use a gravity filter and a uv clarifier :)

  21. MyGardenboy says:

    how do you get the water from muddy to clean

  22. sixstringbiker says:

    @theorigamimagic Hello, yep…100% correct, the pump and hose stay in the water, except when the pump needs a clean, in which case just turn it off take it out of the water, clean it and then put it pack in. one important note to remember is that a water pump should never be turned on unless it is in water, as its the water that cools the shaft surfaces etc. As for the water, plain old tap water is perfect, before adding fish, leave for a couple of days to desolve away the chlorine. :)

  23. theorigamimagic says:

    so with the filter you can leave it under water right(the hose) and do you need water conditioner or just use tap water?

  24. sixstringbiker says:

    @5clubpenguinfan5 Thanks for you comment :) the pond took me 5 days to build from start to finish. I filled it on the 6th day….feet up on the 7th :)

  25. 5clubpenguinfan5 says:

    Hey Nice Pond! How Long Did It Take To Build?

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