How to build a Koi Fish Pond- DVD video training

Online DVD training in how to build a fish pond and more at: Whatever the reason, fish ponds help most people relax and unwind from our busy lives. Having your own brightly coloured koi in particular, is really satisfying. Koi are quite smart, and can be taught to eat from your hand pretty quickly. Keeping fish is not hard- you just need to know a few essential things that we will teach you. Once you know what these are, your koi will live a long and healthy life and bring you years of enjoyment. Our online video training course and downloadable ebooks, will provide everything you need to fast track your fishy dreams into reality. Weather you have an existing pond or you’re totally new, you will learn expert tips in fish care, filtration and pond construction. Our in depth presentations and practical how to videos will cover things like • landscaping and construction tips , • fish disease and prevention, • identifying different types of Koi , • koi food and nutrition • training your fish to eat from your hand , • secrets to breeding Koi, • protecting your koi fish from predators , • and so much more… We will show you step by step how to build your own above ground fish pond and how to make a biological filter to keep your pond water crystal clear. Let us help you build the pond of your dreams and provide all the secrete tips and tricks to keep your fish happy. So, if you need advice, grab your expert training now. You provide the backyard and
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My pond is not the biggest or the best in any way, With that siad, people always say “how is the water so clear with no UV filter” I would just show them my filter & how it works Come to find out my pond (700 Gal. with 3 large fish & 35-40 little one) is much more clear than others with filters that friends have piad 0-0 for You need your water to hit the carbon first(you can get a bucket of Premium activated carbon @ walmart much cheaper than the fish store) then it should go through 10-20 layers of fliter map( i used swamp cooler mats) final layer @ the bottom should be lava & or feather rock (i used both) adout 8″ @ bottom For your return go to a pipe store and get some BULKHEADS these will let you make a water tight seal any size WITH NO SEALENT( i used two 2″ return lines) Just the carbon alone will start to make the water smell better the first day but the boi part of the filter takes a few weeks to really clear the water up I hope this film helps some one save some money
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13 Responses to “How to build a Koi Fish Pond- DVD video training”

  1. TheDistroyer15 says:

    were did u buy the blue things

  2. ScreeminMeeme says:

    If you make your pond is a minimum of 3-4 feet deep and you provide a tunnel, cave or overhang for your fish to hide in when predators come, you won’t need electric fencing.

  3. ScreeminMeeme says:

    @SpicyPeteNorman /Ditto that good advice. Everyone who keeps fish needs to have a ”hospital” tank where the fish can be isolated and kept in salt water for a few days. Salt water helps a number of’s a cheap remedy. :)

  4. BDoggy45 says:

    what is the name of the pump that you used

  5. BDoggy45 says:

    what pump did you use

  6. rocketdog150 says:

    where did you get them rock from

  7. MrMfloor says:

    Did you build the pond on top of boulders?………….looks fricken cool.

  8. Rimtnt says:

    Why would you put the activated charcoal first? It seems counter productive. The blue mats should be first. That takes out the larger waste leaving the smaller stuff for the charcoal.

  9. CHINESEdemocracy101 says:

    @dinosaurman1000 plants dont use oxygen!! thats respiration! which is what humans and fish do, while plants do do this at night it is only for a few hours but for the rest of the time the photosynthesize which is where they take in CO2 (produced from respiration) and give out oxygen. so therefore while plants can harbor things, they are a good thing to have in your pond because they complete the ecosystem. note. in nature there are tons of plants in fish ponds. YOU DONT KNOW BETTER THAN NATURE!

  10. SpicyPeteNorman says:

    NOTE: at the beginning of the video one fish is “FLASHING” (Quickly turning sideways and rubbing itself, and this causes the sunlight to reflect off the side of the fish), this is usually a sign that your fish has a problem… I suggest you capture that fish and take it to a koi fish professional to test for parasites or other problems. also, added salt (not table salt) again, ask a professional for the right amount. salt is cheap.. less than $20 for a sack of it and it cures so many problems.

  11. troybot14 says:

    i no how to get clean water you will end up with green water nice lay out u will need a uv

  12. troybot14 says:

    i no how to get clean water you will end up with green water with

  13. dinosaurman1000 says:

    i aggre with u about plants they suck up water and evvully they willl use the oxygen to live but the provide food and a home for fish

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