How To Install A Garden Pond “A Step By Step Tutorial”

Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series presents a pondumentary about a pond installation that took place in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. This pond installation how to video walks you through the entire pond installation from pond excavation, pond liner and underlayment installation to pond filter system, rockwork installation and submersible lighting system installation. Brief description of landscape installation is included as well. Thanks for watching THE POND HUNTER video series, and please visit our official sites! http
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25 Responses to “How To Install A Garden Pond “A Step By Step Tutorial””

  1. thePondHunter says:

    @jorgesarduysousa Hi Jorge, for this project I used a 15 X 20 liner that was oversized for the project. I always try to go a bit oversized so I have roome to be creative if I want. The excess liner is cut away and recycled within the project as protection for under the bigger rocks that I use. thanks for commenting and visit me on facebook/thepondhunter too! -PH

  2. thePondHunter says:

    @IntegraGSR5 Hey Integra, if I can help in any way let me know! I look forward to seeing that pond when it is built. Visit me on facebook/thepondhunter too! -PH

  3. jorgesarduysousa says:

    what size of liner did you use?

  4. jorgesarduysousa says:

    what size of liner did you use?

  5. thePondHunter says:

    @unit1587 Hey Unit. I have a whole new series of videos coming out soon that will have parts of them that focus more on the waterfall building aspect of the installation process. I will make a point in this upcoming season to make a specific video of waterfall construction. Thanks for watching by the way! and commenting. come visit me on Facebook at facebookcom/thepondhunter

  6. unit1587 says:

    Hey Mike Gannon I am looking for a tutorial on how to put in a waterfall. Could you make a video on how to do so. I have seen some of the ponds you have put in and I’m very impressed. I live in montana so I need a waterfall that will adapt to the environment.

  7. IntegraGSR5 says:

    @thePondHunter i have a preformed pond in the backyard . it makes me sicked looking at it sometimes. lol. im planning to build a pond that is around 1500-2000 gallon.

  8. thePondHunter says:

    @IntegraGSR5 Hi Integra, thanks for watching and commenting on the Pond Hunter videos. I used 2 pieces of liner and overlapped them. The waterfall liner should run about 4″ below water level for overlapping to work right. Do you have a pond or are you thinking about installing one?

  9. IntegraGSR5 says:

    really really nice work. i really like it. did u use tape to seal the waterfall liner and the bottom liner or just overlapped it ?

  10. thePondHunter says:

    @fowlerleftfoot Thanks Fowler, this pond looks GREAT at night. It is in the entrance to this house and it is a very welcoming sight. Thanks for watching and your comments. Hope to see you at other video from Pond Hunter!

  11. fowlerleftfoot says:

    Beautiful!! wonder how it looks like at night with the lights….

  12. thePondHunter says:

    @Basalisk172 Thanks so much for the compliment, and thanks for watching. I hope to hear from you again! If you are on facebook come see my LOVEYOURPOND page and I’ll see you there. Take care.

  13. Basalisk172 says:

    it’s a beatiful pond

  14. stangsaleens7 says:

    @thePondHunter well i didnt have a filter because in my garden there was no were for it to be, but the pond was under a tree, and in the summer i would change the water and clean out the leaves.

  15. thePondHunter says:

    @stangsaleens7 Hey Stang, sounds like you have a combo of hair algae and milfoil a small floating weed. The milfoil is usually introduced by birds/ducks or will come in on other plants, always try to “clean” your plants before putting in your pond. The hair algae, a UV light will do nothing for, try adding more plants, better filtration, that type of algae is usually die to higher nutrient levels. What type of filter do you have??

  16. stangsaleens7 says:

    @thePondHunter the algae is like fuzzy or pretty much underwater grass it seems, and i have these little floating green things too they look like clovers. not lillypads

  17. thePondHunter says:

    @stangsaleens7 Hi Stang, from Ohio eh? In the business we call Ohio the frozen fish capital of the world.. ok, not really. What type of algae? Do you mean green water or algae growth like hair/string algae? there are different ways to fight the different types. What kind do you have?

  18. stangsaleens7 says:

    @thePondHunter st. bernard ohio, and another question i would like to ask is how should i remove algae from the pond because it gets really green.

  19. thePondHunter says:

    @alphahere Hi Alpha, thatnks for checking out the videos and commenting. I am using river stone here from gravel to boulders in size the name it is sold as is “Delaware Blend” river stone, it is very available in the northeast US

  20. thePondHunter says:

    @stangsaleens7 Hi thanks for checking out the videos and commenting on them. sorry to hear what happened with your fish, it must have gotten very cold to freeze like that. Where are you located? Hopefully you can get started again with the hobby!

  21. alphahere says:


    What type of stone are you using here?

  22. stangsaleens7 says:

    i used to have a garden pond with a waterfall and it got loaded with algae and all my fish froze in the winter even tho it was 3 foot deep.

  23. thePondHunter says:

    @Toggen62 Hello, thanks for watching and commenting. I am glad you enjoy the videos. Yes, I use foam on the rock work, and it is a “fish safe” type of foam which can be found at pond shops, garden centers, or maybe aquarium shops. Hope that helps. Thanks again. -PH

  24. Toggen62 says:

    Do you use foam between the stones to glue them together? And can I use enny cind of buildingfoam? And is not poisen to the fish? Ore is it a spesial type?
    And thank you for a beautiful video.

  25. thePondHunter says:

    Hello Jed, that particular bridge I did not build, a contractor friend of mine helped in this backyard project by building the bridge and a deck for this customer, so I con’t claim credit to that bridge. It is beautiful though and fit into the overall project perfectly. Hope to hear more from you and thanks for watching.

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