How to install a pond filter…Filter Installed

Check out how clear the water is! You can see a dime on the bottom of the pond just after a few days. Check out the first part of this video to see how green the water was!
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25 Responses to “How to install a pond filter…Filter Installed”


    Americans can be REALLY REALLY REALLY over the top and SO annoying this video proves it ….he just goes on and on and on and on and on on on about it i was shouting at him to SHUT UP!


    how many gallons is that pond?

  3. titnut4 says:


    Quick question, where can i buy one of these mr salesman

  4. jellofast says:

    as the great Nikola tesla said it’s better to work with nature than against it

  5. landscapejoe says:

    Bacteria colonizes in the biological filter mats and the gravel. Did you look at the website I mentioned?

  6. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    Ok since you mentioned the sun’s UV rays, why don’t the sun’s rays kill the beneficial bacteria if the UV lamp does?

  7. landscapejoe says:

    pea gravel is round and has soft edges. 1000 plus ponds and never had an issue. The suns UV rays is whats truly harmful. Exposure to the sun is what makes the liner hard and brittle eventually causing leaks. When we place large rocks, we put a layer of geotextile fabric on top of the liner to protect it from a puncture hole.

  8. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    I have read that gravel poses it’s own unique threat to liners during cleaning. Walking on the gravel (according to the article I read) can prematurely age the liner and eventually cause holes in it. What is your opinion?

  9. landscapejoe says:

    We cover the liner with Rocks and Gravel. aquascapedesignsDOTcom

  10. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    If your pond’s are crystal clear, why can’t you see the liner? And If your correct, do you have a video posed or website that can somehow enlighten me?

  11. landscapejoe says:

    Our ponds are crystal clear without the use of UV. Plus, you don’t see the ugly liner like you do in the above video. And UV does kill everything. there is no balance in a UV pond. The only way the plants survive is the fact that you plant them in soil. We wash off all of the soil and root the plants right into the gravel.

    UV is nuclear warfare. Its easy for the do it yourselfer to install which makes it appealing but True Pros know how to do it the right way.

  12. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    Well I think that leads us to one question. What is more important to the pond owner (who shelled out a lot of money for his/her pond) seeing his investment and enjoying the entire pond? Or not. Even biological filters won’t clear a pond like UV lights will. You will always have a murky quality to the water during blooming and even after it. The UV can’t possibly kill EVERY thing in the water. It will kill the beneficial bacteria but not enough of it to make a big dent in the ponds balance.

  13. landscapejoe says:

    UV will keep the water clear and I’m not denying that. But it kills all of the nutrients in the water, including the ones the bacteria and the plants thrive off of.

    As a landscaper for over 15 years, it is my goal to recreate nature, not fight it.

    Built ponds should function the same way a natural pond does. Fish, plants, aeration and a place for the good bacteria to colonize (biological filter and rocks/gravel).

  14. ravenyikimy9911 says:

    You call yourself landscapejoe yet you obviously have no idea what your talking about… I’m a newbie to ponds and pond care and even I know that uv lights work wonders!

  15. buki671 says:

    that is a big difference.. and only at 18watts.. nice..

  16. pondmarket says:

    There are so many things incorrect about your comment – I do not know where to start.

  17. landscapejoe says:

    UV kills everything! Not good for a self sustaining ecosystem. Plus, your liner will not last being exposed to the elements like that (and it looks crap). Your liner will crack within 5 – 7 years. Try rocking the bottom of the pond. Aquascape’s the way to go.

  18. pondmarket says:

    there had to be a reason. i must admit you are in the minority group of folks who have had bad luck with these. we have been using them and selling them since 2003 (thousands of units) with maybe 5 units returned due to improper performance.

  19. BoasOrDi3 says:

    those are the worst filters,i had one and after a month it stopped

  20. MadMustang00 says:

    oh and if you add a uv light in the pond shining on the bottom will that also keep the alge from building up or is the filter all you need like my first question?

  21. MadMustang00 says:

    hey Aaron that is a great product. just a couple questions, do you need to scrape the bottom of the pond to get the alge into the water so the filter can get it or dose it clean without doing that?

  22. jakoi945 says:

    Do you need a bottom drain for a koi pond.

  23. BRCS225 says:


  24. pondmarket says:

    Are there any breakers turned off in your breaker box?

    Is the pump in the pond or out of the pond? Sometimes out of the pond pumps (external) have on/off toggle switches on the outside of the motor casing.

  25. BRCS225 says:

    no ours is wired in,its a above ground brick pond.

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