The Importance of Garden Pond Filters for a Healthy Fish Pond

Garden Pond Filters

To take good care of your garden pond and your fish it is important to have a garden pond filter system. This pond filter system is used to clean and purify the pond water from toxic chemicals emitted by the Koi, Orfe, goldfish and other species of pond fish. These toxic chemicals are produced by the metabolic changes in the fish species living inside the garden pond. These toxins can cause the fish in the pond to become ill, stressed out or die. Without enough knowledge about successful and healthy pond keeping, you may not be aware that nitrites and harmful ammonia are building up in the pond thereby leading to fish deaths.

There are a number of benefits brought by biological filters to your garden pond. Aside from cleaning the water, it combines biological pond filtration with the clarifying action of the ultra violet light. This serves three purposes:

  • Following  the principles of Nitrogen cycle, the ultra violet (UV) pond filter removes wastes and toxins created by different species of fish in the pond plus decaying algae and plants at the pond’s bottom.
  • Using mechanical separation, the filter removes solids from the pond’s bottom by trapping vegetation, dead algae and other waste solids with a series of brushes or filter sponges.
  • Using the integrated UV sterilizer, the filter keeps a rein on the parasites, bacteria and level of algae bloom or so called green water. This algae bloom is responsible for producing the pea soup effect which can quickly spread and cover the whole backyard pond. This will eventually diminish the pond’s oxygen level thereby causing death to koi and other fish species in the pond.

There are three types of biological filters that you can use for your backyard ponds. The Low Cost Gravity Discharge Pond Filter is the usual choice for fish ponds that are small to medium size.  The second and excellent choice is the Pressurized Fish Pond Filters. This filter type is dominant and excellent for small to medium sized backyard ponds because of compact size, energy and efficiency.  Rather than use gravity discharge filter, it requires higher pressure pump.

For large Koi ponds, the Specialized Biological Pressurized Bead Filters have been created to take care of metabolic wastes and water in a large volume. The biological bead filter media was designed with specific surface area (SSA) high enough for colonization of beneficial bacteria.

In choosing correct pond filter, pond volume must be considered. It is necessary to choose biological pond filter bearing in mind pond volume vis-à-vis normal fish stock. The bigger the number of koi and goldfish, the more waste they produce and more work needed for the pond filter. Thus, it is necessary to go for a biological filter with bigger and better performance. However, if you are a Koi keeper of a smaller to medium sized pond, you can do cost-cutting by opting for a combined UV+pond filter.

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