Installing Pond Filter for Pond’s Health

Installing Pond Filter for Pond’s Health

In making ponds, people often only think of the decoration of the ponds, including the accessories and the flow of the water. Do you know that there is another important factor besides those? It is time you should consider installing pond filter.

If you make a garden pond or fish pond, a pond filter is one of the most important tools to keep the ponds free of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Installing this tool is a good action in keeping the pond water clean and the pond life healthy.

You never know what leaves or other debris bring when they fall to your pond. They may bring dangerous bacteria that will cause any form of hazard to your fish. That is why you need a filter to keep your lovely fish healthy and happy.

Pond filter can be installed both inside and outside the ponds. The placement depends on the type of filters you choose. Each placement has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it will be a good idea to have a talk with friends or anyone who knows about this tool well.

There are some types of pond filter available on markets. To know which type that suits your pond the best, you can find the information in internet besides consulting it with the experts. Whatever the type you choose, you are recommended to clean it regularly so it can work for years.

The first type of pond filter is a basket filter. This is the simplest type, which may be installed at the surface of the pond. It functions to force the water through a net to catch the debris. To avoid clogging, you should clean the basket which you can do as some manufacturers have scheduled.

The second one is UV filter. Sunlight contains UV radiation which is able to clean algae and microorganisms. For this case, a UV filter is installed to kill the algae and microorganisms that can danger you fish.

The third type is bacterial filter. It works by purifying the water of organisms from causing hazard to fish. Before being set to clean the pond water, it needs to be primed with bacteria. This pond filter takes longer time to clean pond water than other types of pond filter do.

Finding pond filter pumps is not a difficult task since they are sold widely on markets. You will also need another devices, such as fish pond pumps to circulate the pond water.

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