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Clean the surface of your pond quickly and easily with the Laguna Powerflo Pond Skimmer Filter from This pond skimmer filter works effectively in ponds up to 5000 gallons. Pond skimmers and pond filters are just a few of the exceptional pond supplies we carry. Visit to browse through our full selection today.
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Here is a video on the pond filter that I use. It cost .00 at walmart. This works well outside being that it uses something that looks like a power head or the motor.The motor is on the inside of the filter, where as my wisper filter that are in my house tanks uses a motor that is on the outside. This filter is really POOR MADE, and I wrote a letter to treta and walmart telling them how to correct all the issues. The lid is sucks and it falls apart easy, with that said if you baby it ( ) is really worth it to simly have a low cost filter on your little pond. Suggestion: 1) clean the pond using the same method that I use on my fish tank with the gravel cleaner that hooks up to your outside faucet. 2) remove 25% of the water once every two weeks 3) FEED ONCE A DAY AND FAST ( NO FOOD) on SUNDAYS 4) change the filter pads ( cost ) once every other week 5) bleach the plants and big rock with bleach and wash off once a month. Landscaping will hide the filter. If TETRA would take some of my suggestions being that I have been in the FISH business for 22 YEARS they could have a GREAT product for pond that would provide a low cost filter for people that have little ponds… BUT AT THIS TIME THIS BABY WILL DO THE TRICK … Hope this helps all you out there.. I LOVE IT… NEVER GREEN WATER AND the fish are 5 years old now. Two of them are over 12 inchs BIG…
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  1. KoiBR says:

    small biofilter

  2. Gregmills007 says:

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  3. 10kpondguy says:

    very good idea for a very small pond.

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