Making the Right Choice in Garden Pond Liners

Making the Right Choice in Garden Pond Liners

Building your garden pond is work but for most they find it enjoyable work, and part of the tasks required to completing the job is to pick the proper garden pond products which includes choosing a pool liner.

You are going to have to make the decision about your pond liner before you actually start to construct your garden pond. If you decide to go with a preformed type, then your excavation has to be done according to the form. Using a soft liner is most often a choice that many make because if allows for more flexibility in designing a shape for the garden pond. People can be more creative when choosing these types.

There are things that you need to consider though when choosing your pond liner. The make and size are the two key issues.

The quality of your liner is very important. If you have been given a used one, be very cautious about using this. Often the older ones can become brittle and will crack when you try to lay them. Then there could be leaks that you cannot see but will soon discover when you fill your pond.

No doubt you have put a great deal of work into your pond and now is not the time to start cutting corners. Good quality garden pond liners are most affordable, and are a very important part of your water garden. You also want to be sure that the materials that the pond liners are constructed of contain no harmful chemicals, and will provide a safe environment for your fish and plant life.

Ease of Installation
Installing your pond liner should not be all that difficult. If you have purchased a liner that is of good quality it should be durable, and flexible. Many of these pond liners are lightweight enough that they are easy to maneuver and put into place.

Choosing the right size
This is a very important step to be sure that the liner fits properly. If it does not, it may not hold the water properly, and it will look unsightly. To determine the size that you need there is a simple formula.

For the width you need
Find the widest part of your pond and measure this. Then determine the depth of your pond and multiply this by 2 then add 2 more.
So for example, the widest point is 10 feet, it is 2 feet deep, this would mean for width you would need 10’+4’+2′, for a total of 16 feet in width.

For the length you need
You would do the same for the length using the same formula. If the longest length was 15 feet, then you would need, 15’+4+2, for a total of 21feet in length.

Garden pond liners are normally sold in 5ft. increments. So for this example you would need to purchase a 20’x25′ liner.
This formula takes into account the requirements needed for lining the walls of the pond and a safety overlap.

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