Microblift Spring/Summer

Microblift Spring/Summer

  • 1 LB

Accelerates the breakdown of leaves twigs and other accumulated dead organic waste. Helps to jump start your pond in the spring. Reduces buildup of dead leaves and residual organic sediment.

Price: $ 30.32

Beckett 7062410 DP400 Pump for Ponds and Fountains

  • Oil free design Circulates up to 400 gallons per hour
  • Great for ponds or fountains
  • Runs at an energy efficient 30 watts
  • Adjustable for top or bottom intake

This pump operates at 400 gph at a zero foot height. At an energy efficient 30 watts, it’s great for ponds or fountains. It features an oil less design with an easy to adjust flow control. The wet rotor, underwater pump is cool running, adjustable for top or bottom intake, and requires 5/8 inch I.D. tubing for connection. Its quiet and continuous operation is powered by the included 15 foot cord.

List Price: $ 44.99

Price: $ 24.99

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