My Balcony Koi Pond – Filter

The inner workings of my simple balcony koi pond filtration system. Filter size – 1’3″ (L) x 2′ (W) x 1′ (D). Filter is made up of only two chambers: 1st chamber consists of: 1 x PVC stand 2 x bio-filter foam mats 2 x mesh bag crushed corals 1 x mesh bag ceramic bio rings 2nd chamber consists of: 36 x bio balls 2 x japanese filter mats 50% water change is implemented once every two weeks. Filter is cleaned once a week due to its small capacity.
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  1. visualkeirockstar says:

    Looks very nice,

  2. gruuthuse says:

    Nice i had a 3 kuub pond on my second floor once…now where building a 7 kuub pond on the third floor..gonne post a vid soon..

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