Our Do It Yourself Pond Filter.wmv

This video shows how easy it is to build a pond filter. This filter design is inspired by Shawneen’s DIY pond filter. The pond it sevices is about 800 gallons, With 2 koi and 4 goldfish.

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11 Responses to “Our Do It Yourself Pond Filter.wmv”

  1. foodguy0202 says:

    how do you clean this filter and how often would you need to clean this. Also you mentioned charcoal on top, could you use lava rock or any other type of rock? About what size of pond (gallons) would this filter accomodate. Lastly what size pump are you using. Great job thanks for putting it on.


  2. dominoman94 says:

    @intoxicatedpirate yh u can

  3. paulalexander says:

    Good job big hat ! this will save me a small fortune, local store was looking for €300 ! Madness, thanks a lot bud

  4. jzxiong says:

    i’m talking about the very last one on top of all the others.

  5. Arteolike says:

    Is it just me, or does that storage container really match you’re shirt! =D LOL!

  6. jzxiong says:

    where can i get those blue filter pad at?

  7. intoxicatedpirate says:

    Do you have to have that pipe with the holes in? Can you just have a pipe that chucks water into the filter and comes out the outflow?

  8. 7Billionheadedmonsta says:

    Thanks for sharing

  9. dolittle1992 says:

    pond water is actually very good for your plants, i know you dont want a leak but just letting you know, the pond water is just as good as fertalizer

  10. bighatstephens says:

    Yes they are pool noodles, we got them at the dollar store. We have been happy with them. They provide ample surface area, the porus surface gives the bacteria something to grab onto, and the shape helps to create eddy currents. Just remember that stuff floats. You need something to keep the media from floating out of the box. We know that our bacteria are happy because our Nitrites and Ammonia are consistantly low.

  11. Arteolike says:

    Do those pool noddles really work as a filter media? Well, i think that’s what you’re using right?

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