Our Koi Carp Gold Fish Hand Feeding In Our Raised Koi Pond Filter

Hi all wanted to share the video of our Koi Carp feeding in there new pond we set up in the spring of 2009. The pond is a raised hexagonal shape, We have a numbe of Koi in there, the small ones are all hand picked grade A Japanese Koi from our local specilaist Koi centre. The Large white Koi is called lucky owing to her close misfortunes in our last pond and the metalic large Koi is called JK. Hope you all enjoy the video and lok forward to your comments Hope You Enjoy!!!!
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Rod Ingersoll shows in detail how he designed and built a home made biological filter to accompany his new fish pond. Further information can be found at www.diykoipond.com. The filter was designed to replicate a natural wetland type system and should allow for optimum fish and plant conditions. In this filter Rod creates an aerobic system that will breakdown fish waste (Ammonia) and convert it to nitrate for plants and will allow more fish to be kept in the pond. The bio filtration system after a few weeks will aid good bacteria to grow on the filter medium for great fish health. The system was built and tested thoroughly in about 3 hrs and should require very little maintenance at all. This Bio mechanical water filtration system is for Koi, fish ponds, and water gardens but could be just as easily applied to other situations. Its simple to setup & run. All up it cost approximately AU 0 to build. I must say that i did get a great deal of knowledge from the following DIY koi fish pond ebooks and bonus downloads. They taught me loads of great tips and tricks i needed to help me along the way building and designing my pond and filter system. Im sure it will also help you too: www.diykoipond.com
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33 Responses to “Our Koi Carp Gold Fish Hand Feeding In Our Raised Koi Pond Filter”

  1. dazza944 says:

    1: Pond is too small for those Koi. Especially considering how big they will grow. 2: Hozelock all in one pumps are not capable of controlling the nitrate & ammonia levels in your water, you need a biological filter to keep the water quality in check.

  2. murderg100 says:

    no its not if it can turn and do la the its big nough :)

  3. ShaurntheSheep says:

    arr thats cute

  4. TheCheapskate1 says:

    i have seen ponds like this for sale on the internet, is this the 260 gallon version or the 175, and how do you take care of your koi in the winter ?

  5. simon3675 says:

    Hi our pond is approx 3ft high

  6. TheCheapskate1 says:

    what depth is your pond ?

  7. simon3675 says:

    Hi Thanks for your comment yes this was me handfeeding them, before you introduce Koi you must add water conditioner this removes harmfull elements from new water such as chlorine Etc we used fresh start by blagdon uk make however aquasafe by tetra is very good, spend time so they get used to you feeding them if they still appear shy buy a Koi that was used to being around people once we introduced him to our pond the others were curious and followed him good luck with your pond

  8. animalloverabh says:

    wow..are u handfeeding them? weve just built a pond and we want 2 no what u have to do before u put fish in. e.g do u have to put conditioner in and stuff,thanks! we enjoyed the vid!

  9. trixie9246 says:


    Thanks for posting

    Craig – Adelaide SA

  10. wafflethug says:

    those sponges should have been rinsed first.  Plus I think they’ll dissolve after a while

  11. 1habicher says:

    I like your basic instructions from the ground up. Are you from Australia? Possibly and you made it with my type of hobby. I better get some more of your ideas because they do work and one can improvise along the way. Well done!

  12. ImRossCooper says:

    A good video, thanks

  13. andydo2007vietnam says:

    how much is that pump and where di you you buy it please?

  14. Dremlovd says:


  15. tOnyyz1 says:

    Hey thats pretty good :) but i reckon you should use wool as well and put some carbon in there

  16. Kapulfilms says:

    no worries mate. thanks for watching, wish you all the best in your pond and filter

  17. MrWakwak123 says:

    you sound like bear grylls

  18. joker66599 says:

    I made it today but I need another overflow/outlet my pump is to fast and starts to over flow the trash can. Going back to home depot tomorrow. than you for all the help.

  19. joker66599 says:

    I am looking at filters and not sure what is a good one. I have an above ground pond stands about 2 1 /2 feet tall and the water level is about 1- 1/2 feet of that. so i need something that will pump up about the 3 feet and in to a canister just like yours. I like your design best for my set up. I am seeing this head rating I am guessing that pumping power. Pond has 2 red eared sliders and is about 150 gallons Quiet One Lifegard Fountain Pump 991 GPH or Lifegard Quiet One 4000 these to much?

  20. Nsx25 says:

    Do you have any suggestion for those who are using round buckets for the filter? I am using a 32 gal round bucket and using a 2 inch pipe that runs through it. I used cement glue since it was an abs pipe and its stil leaking. This is the 2nd time that I have to redo it and its stressing me out. I also can not find any 2 inch rubber washer to go around where the pipes meet at the bucket. Please help me fix this problem.

  21. stevenJEDI3 says:

    good job

  22. Kapulfilms says:

    no problem, always happy to share my knowledge. Good luck with your build.

  23. kheroot says:

    I am going to build a koi pond and I think i’ll use this design, I am going to put a bridge over it and the bridge would cover this up just fine!
    The only difference is I think I’ll use a solar panel to run it.
    I subbed because of this video, now I’ll watch you’re others, thanks for the post!

  24. GreydeDeuil says:

    Also, im going to guess a settling tank is unneccessary for two goldfish whose body length is abut 3 and 3.5 inch roughly

  25. GreydeDeuil says:

    Can your design be adapted into an undergravel filter type set up? Also how small could you make it? I have two goldfish in a 30ish gallon tank. what size powerhead would be recommended and the size of the filter bucket?

  26. Kapulfilms says:

    5000 lt per hour pump was used

  27. Kapulfilms says:

    Fantastic, i love hearing that i have helped others with there ponds.

  28. drydjinn100 says:

    I actually used the same exact design on my pond. Works like a charm!!

  29. 350streetracer says:

    I have read those scrub pads contain chemicals. Bioballs are a better option. On another note, what is more efficient for a pond filter, water intake through the bottom and drowning the media or trickeling down the water like a wet/dry with the out flow on the bottom?

  30. jcainaz01 says:

    I like the idea of the scouring pads as a biofilter. I have a pump submerged in gravel (search Pond filter – no algae bloom (turtle makes two appearances) in YouTube. The output goes up into a series of little ponds with Water Hyacinth. This works pretty well except that I have to vacuum the gravel periodically. I’d like to build an above-water filter but need to figure out how to keep newborn fish from being sucked in.

  31. almostreal96 says:

    i live in the land down under, havent heard that song in so long

  32. UnstopableRollerteam says:

    wat is that black cord call the one that suck in water

  33. betomty84 says:

    Kapulfilms, what type of pump did you used? whats the GPH of that pump?

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