Pond Filtration set up spring

Setting up my Pond for the warm weather. This includes pump, UV light and Bio Pond for crystal clear water.
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16 Responses to “Pond Filtration set up spring”

  1. EverybodysLOVE says:

    is it hard work?

  2. Gregmills007 says:

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  3. buddyclubs says:

    you should remove the leafs from the bottom and use a net to cover ur pond during the fall that way no leafs gets stuck on the bottom! i think there is too manny fish it looks over crowded, but nice pond.

  4. Ghostkamo says:

    @TheSilant1 Thanks, there are always some thing that can mess the water up for a time like a rain storm, long periods of hot weather, too much organic material in the water and low PH but, this set up should work for most small ponds.

  5. TheSilant1 says:

    replying to i will try this well it works a treat my water was green now it looks like clear drinking water thank you so much im very happy

  6. TheSilant1 says:

    @TheSilant1 repling to i will try this well it works a treat my water was green now it looks like clear drinking water thank you so much im very happy

  7. TheSilant1 says:

    brill idea will try this

  8. Kamoyaker says:

    @05lukfre thanks, it’s worked well for many years. There are better ways to do this but, it can be very expensive.

  9. 05lukfre says:

    great vidio it was interesting to see how you did everything this is a very well thoughtout pond with some great fish

    like the other user said if we could give ten stars we could

  10. Methos713 says:

    if youtube could let us give 10 stars for badass awesomness video…I would give it to you. Thanks for the vid.

  11. jazcash says:


  12. vanhalenman60 says:

    i like the fact that you showed how you do it

  13. Kamoyaker says:

    In this case a Bio-Pond is a body of water that uses plants , rocks and good bacteria to filter out and break down organic material. It also consumes excess nutrients in the water so that algae growth can be minimized.

  14. Venrellin says:

    whats a bio pond?

  15. Kamoyaker says:

    Thanks, I probably could have sped up the first half. But I really like how the rest of the vid worked out.

  16. wildlifeed says:

    Looks astounding!! Great video!! 5/5

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