Pond Homemade Bio Filter Part 1

See my homemade Bio Filter Part 1, more detailed videos to follow

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19 Responses to “Pond Homemade Bio Filter Part 1”

  1. rovaro31180 says:

    water does not look as if the filter is strong working

  2. Nsx25 says:

    Hi can you look at my 2012 pond video? I need help fixing the problem. I made the pond by myself and it was a lot of WORK. I am so exhausted and want to quit. please take a look and give me some suggestions.

  3. Nsx25 says:

    i used some cement glue. but when the water came out, the pressure pushed the pipe downwards causing the sealed on top of the connector to open up and it leaked badly. I will give this RTV silicone a try. thanks

  4. Thunderhead7 says:

    I also used black RTV silicone around the sealing surface, I let it dry a good 24 hours.

  5. Nsx25 says:

    how did you connect everything so it does not leak at the bucket? I am trying to use 2 connectors and put one on each side of the round bucket. I put 1 outside the bucket and the other one on the inside and tighten it. But I keep on getting leaks. I am running 2 inch pipe though this section and can not find any 2 inch rubber washer for it. Any suggestions?

  6. stuartholly says:

    most of your water is not going through your uv why ? cut out your tee and put it on your main line slow down your flow on your uv if its a small uv you have got about 70% main flow and 30% uv this will slow down the flow on your uv how you have it now but it will take a long time for that water to pass that uv light

  7. buddyclubs says:

    you know you could save money by connecting your pump-UVC-bio filter all together
    and saves you that extra pump that was install only for the UVC.

  8. Duhitpt says:

    nice system A++ the result soo awsome. i gotta try this.

  9. Thunderhead7 says:

    Yes its installed inline with my system.

  10. Thunderhead7 says:

    Yes I have on inline with the system. Thanks

  11. Thunderhead7 says:

    Great Idea, I will do this soon.

  12. Thunderhead7 says:

    Black plastic strapping material. See my other videos, thanks for your question.

  13. Thunderhead7 says:

    My error if I accidently said fountain in the video, BTW its still working fantastic even in our 107 degree temps in Tucson. Thanks again for viewing and commenting on my video.

  14. pathman2 says:

    You should learn the difference between a fountain and a waterfall, that ia a waterfall not a fountain.

  15. jamarico16 says:

    very nice, but i think you need a UVC lamp!

  16. fishmanhouston says:

    What kind of media inside ur filter?

  17. bighatstephens says:

    Your system looks good, you might want to paint all your exposed PVC.

  18. Thunderhead7 says:

    Yes, an explanation and peek inside is coming soon. Thank you.

  19. Arteolike says:

    Any “how to” video’s, or at-least an explanation how it works and a peek inside?

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