Pond Homemade Bio Filter Part 4

Here’s a photo essay of my homemade bio filter, sorry no sound, I will post a better video later explaining how I made the filter and updates on the ponds status. Please note these photo were taken before my Part 3 video was filmed.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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6 Responses to “Pond Homemade Bio Filter Part 4”

  1. RichyJam2011 says:

    He’s using 1 pump. He has a T-section of the main line, one going to his bio filter the other to the UV, Both outlets exiting at his waterfall

  2. Nsx25 says:

    are you using 2 pumps? 1 to uv light and another to filter?

  3. chrisdinskates says:

    u should add some carbon to that. i’ll increase the water quality

  4. stuartholly says:

    next time you clean out your filter make a back flush system in it . this will help you a lot m8. just open the tap and flush the crap,save you time. but what catches your solids your filter if so it will slow down with crap and clogg put in a solids filter on top and a back flush you will see you filter sevice time drop. try it

  5. camelion14 says:

    this is great job, nice and clean,
    I think if you’ve added more stuff in the filter,it would filter the water more quickly

  6. 1jacvau says:

    do you have a parts list you could email?
    what kind of pump are you using and the size? is the pump energy efficient?

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