Pond Logic Pond & Fish Conditioner, 16 oz

Pond Logic Pond & Fish Conditioner, 16 oz

  • Removes chlorine, detoxifies chloramines and heavy metals (including copper).
  • Replaces the natural slime coat of fish.
  • Adds electrolytes to help defend against fish stress.

Pond & Fish Conditioner replaces the protective slime coating that fish require in times of stress. It also adds electrolytes, which help fish to fight stress. Pond & Fish Conditioner will also remove chlorine, detoxify chloramines and detoxify heavy metals (including copper). Apply to koi ponds, water garden ponds and aquariums. Use when preparing a new pond, performing a water change, handling or transporting fish, or when fish are injured rfom disease. This formulation may be safely used at l

List Price: $ 18.11

Price: $ 18.11

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