Pond supplies for your backyard water feature

Pond supplies for your backyard water feature

Water features such as beautiful ponds, water gardens, cool looking waterfalls or garden fountains have become increasingly popular over the past several years.  If you’re a proud homeowner and avid gardener who would like to try your hand at building the ultimate water feature in your backyard, you will need two things to make that happen; that is, sound water gardening advice from pond and water garden experts and a list of quality pond supplies.

When contemplating what water feature you may choose, you should consider the following:

location in your yard that will best suit this water feature
restrictions or permits required by local city codes
safety around open water
where to get sound advice and quality pond supplies

Water features can require very little maintenance if constructed properly with the right list of pond supplies.  For example, once you learn how to construct the pond for optimal water flow and good filtration, the time and money spent maintaining the pond can be minimal.

If you’re considering building a pond with a waterfall feature, there are do-it-yourself pond kits available that eliminates the time to calculate what pond supplies you may need for that particular water feature.  There are a variety of pond kits for small, backyard ponds and those that can be custom made for very large ponds or water gardens.  A typical pond kit would include the pond liner, skimmer, waterfall pump, pump tubing, connectors & waterfall unit.  Extra add-ons may include underwater lights, UV clarifier, pond bacteria, barley straw, a variety of pond chemicals.

For those who may want to build a pondless water feature – that is a waterfall without having a pond – you may choose pondless water feature kits such as a ‘Just-a-Falls’ kit from your list of pond supplies.  Within this kit is everything you need to build a pondless waterfall which is, in a nutshell, a kit that allows you to create a waterfall with the water contained within a reservoir that is buried in the ground with a heavy duty grate over it.  You can then landscape the grate with a variety of rocks that you will use in designing your waterfall.  This is a great option for those who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of having a pond.

If you’re considering building a garden fountain or water garden fountain, you will want to consider the height of the fountain and what type of spray pattern you would like when browsing through various pond supplies.  One piece of advice when constructing a garden fountain is to make the size of the area where the garden fountain is installed, large enough to accommodate the spray pattern during windy days.  For example, if your fountain sprays 5 feet in the air and is centrally located in your pond, you will want to make sure that your pond is at least 10′ wide so if the wind blows from one direction while your fountain is spraying, then the water will drop in the pond below.  If the pond isn’t large enough, the water will spray outside of the pond’s edge and can reduce the water level in the pond which could easily cause the pump to burn out and cause fatality to your pond fish that may be dependent on this type of aeration.




Before constructing any type of water feature, be sure to have the right pond supplies for the job.  As previously mentioned, there are do-it-yourself kits available that can make this job easier.  Be sure to get a quality kit designed by pond and water garden experts who take into consideration if the kit is designed to include fish.  Kits that are not designed to include fish can be much cheaper and inexpensive than those that are designed for fish which require better filtration, heavy duty pond equipment and additional, fish-related products.

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