Pressurized Pond Filter, 500 UV Reviews

Pressurized Pond Filter, 500 UV

  • 9-1/2″ diameter x 11″ high.
  • Multi sized inlet: 3/4″ or 1″, easy to replace 5 watt UV lamp, an indicator to let you know that the UV lamp is on, UV chamber, settlement chamber, profiled filter sponge for mechanical filtration, Supra Bio Media, lid is secured by a single clamp ring that allows easy access for filter maintenance, 15′ power cord, outlet may be extended with 3/4″ or 1″ hose if required, unit may be buried above or below pond level. Filter flow rate: 100-350 gph.
  • There is a 3 year warranty on the unit, but only a 6 months warranty on the UV lamp, no coverage for breakage of the lamp.

Makes pond life even simpler now with the versatile range that offers the option of above or below ground installation. This is also available with powerclenz-the patented automatic cleaning system.

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List Price: $ 219.99

Price: $ 154.32

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2 Responses to “Pressurized Pond Filter, 500 UV Reviews”

  1. Cheryl L. Petersen says:

    Review by Cheryl L. Petersen for Pressurized Pond Filter, 500 UV
    I just purchased the Fishmate 500 UV filter. I have a small pond which I was using a Sunterra UV filter the UV stopped working and the pond has not been clear for months. I installed the filter on Friday and by Sunday you could see the gravel on the bottom. They recommend running the filter 24 hrs a day but I have been shutting off at night and it still cleaned up the pond. I is so easy to open and close, with my old filter it was a nightmare of trying to hold the “O” ring in place and line it up to close the plastic clamps. With the fishmate the “O” ring fits into a groove on the base and the top is easily put on and clamped shut, if I had known that it would work so well I would have optted for the 1000 UV. The only downside could be the recommended cleaning once a week.

  2. Nicholas A. Russo Jr. says:

    Review by Nicholas A. Russo Jr. for Pressurized Pond Filter, 500 UV
    This filter worked great. Cleared up my pond in 5 days. Crystal clear. The only down side is, it was not made clear that this filter requires a seperate outside pump to run it. So plan on spending another $100 on a pump and hoses.

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