Seven Steps to Choosing the Right Garden Pond Spot

Seven Steps to Choosing the Right Garden Pond Spot

Making the decision to put in a garden pond is the first of many decisions that you will be faced with, when it comes to designing and implementing one of these beauty home accessories.

To begin with almost any yard can house some type of garden pond. There is nothing to say that it has to be big and elaborate in order to fully enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

There are some preliminary steps to take before actually starting the construction of your pond.

== > Step one
You need to do a full walk through of your backyard and determine all of the viable places from a ground point of view that would work for your pond. If you are going to be doing it yourself remember that you will have some digging to do, and you are not likely to have the right equipment for breaking through ground that is excessively rocky.

== > Step two
You will probably discover at least two or three places that have the appropriate grounds. The next thing you now have to consider is what size of garden pond are you planning on? Then determine which of the locations you have chosen would best meet this need.

== > Step three
Now you have to consider the focal point of your backyard. With your choices of space, is the garden pond going to fit in nicely with the rest of the garden architecture? Even if you do not have your landscaping in place yet, think about the future. Once your garden pond is in you don’t even want to have to consider moving it.

== > Step four
Consider the surrounding of the future pond area. If you have large trees you don’t want to be running into root problems in a few years, just when your garden pond has become so beautifully established. Then also there is the potential problem of your garden pond becoming laden with fallen leaves and twigs from trees too close to it.

== > Step five
Review the high ground around the pond area. You don’t want to have to be dealing with run off from these areas contaminating your pond.

Step six
You want to be sure that there is going to be easy access to your electrical source. You will need this for your pump and filtration system, and perhaps some of the other garden pond accessories that demand power.

== > Step seven
Finally consider how close you want your garden pond to your house. If you have found a viable area that is close to the house, then you want to keep in mind if you do not have a patio now, that you may want to put one in, in the future. Therefore you need to plan ahead for this. The advantage though to having it close to the house is that if you use pond lighting you can enjoy seeing this from inside the house. Also with an open window and provided you are using a fountain or waterfall, you can enjoy the sound of the running water.

These are a few important considerations to give some serious thought to when in the initial planning stages for your garden pond.

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