Sunterra 200450 Pond Pump 450 GPH, Black

Sunterra 200450 Pond Pump 450 GPH, Black

  • Pond Pumps Circulate Water in a Pond to prevent Breeding conditions for Unwanted Insects while Oxygenating it for Plants and Fish
  • Pumps 450 Gallons of Water Per Hour and has a Maximum Lift of 10′
  • Magnetic Pumps are Environmentally Safe, Have no Coolants and use less Energy than Direct Drive Pumps
  • Has a 25 Foot Power Cord
  • Has a 2 Year Limited Warranty and is UL Listed

The pump is at the heart of a water garden. Without it, water will not circulate to create a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Sunterra pumps circulate water to help prevent breeding conditions for unwanted insects while oxygenating it for plants and fish. Pumps are distinguished by the gallons per hour they produce at one foot of lift or head. All Sunterra pumps are submersible and must be placed in water to function properly. Magnetic Pumps run by electrically charged magnet that causes the

List Price: $ 90.00

Price: $ 49.99

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