Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black

Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black

  • Dual Filtration System to provide a Clearer and Healthier Pond or Water Garden
  • Cleans Ponds up to 1000 Gallons
  • Recommend for use with Pond Pumps Capable of Pumping between 850 to 1250 Gallons of Water per Hour
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

A contained body of water is subject to conditions such as dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation that affect the water clarity and health. A filtration system is needed to balance the ponds ecosystem. This filtration system must match both the power of the pump and the volume of the water garden. All Sunterra filters use mechanical and biological filtration. The mechanical filtration process uses foam filters to trap debris. While the biological filtration uses biological ball (bio

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List Price: $ 79.99

Price: $ 78.52

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5 Responses to “Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black”

  1. Orval W. Stuckemeyer says:

    Review by Orval W. Stuckemeyer for Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
    I got a Sunterra pond filter as part of a complete pond kit. At first, I was quite happy with the filtration provided, but quickly learned that there are other issues with this filter design that make it worthless.

    1) The clamps are designed to fail. There is no other way to look at it. They are attached to the filter bucket, and snap over the lid. Around the circumference of the lid is a thin O-ring gasket. This gasket is nearly impossible to keep in place as you are putting the lid over the bucket. Further, even if you do get it in place and sealed correctly, it is not likely to stay there long. The major problem is that Sunterra used cheap, thin plastics throughout this filter. When I turn the pump on, I can actually see the entire filter bucket stretch, and it rises up out of the hole in the ground about an inch. This stretching of the plastic weakens it. The clamps also stretch, and after less that one season, lost their ability to securely hold the lid in place. The result is that any time power is cut to the pump, some of the clamps will release because they don’t have enough force to hold the lid down when the pump is not pushing against them. When the power is restored and the pump pressurizes the filter, it will leak profusely between the lid and bucket.

    We have left home for several hours only to return and discover that our power went out for whatever reason, and when it was restored the filter leaked, resulting in a near-total drain of our pond and destruction of our pump as it ran dry. Luckily the pump was high enough off the bottom of the pond that our fish still had some water, and so survived.

    2) The restricted filter indicator doesn’t work, at all. I’ve had the filter so clogged up that water was barely coming through the filter at all, and still the red clogged-filter indicator never popped up.

    3) The reverse-flow cleaning system doesn’t work, at all. In order to clean the filter, you have to disassemble it and wash out the sponges with a garden hose. This is the only way to get them clean. You could run your entire pond’s water supply through the filter and it would do nothing to clean it. This is nothing more than a joke.

    4) The sliding selector for run or clean is also prone to leaks. The design is simply poor, but might have had a chance of working if Sunterra had not used such thin and cheap plastics.

    In the end, there is no fix for this junk filter. I’ve contacted Sunterra and they sent me replacement clamps. Those lasted no longer than the originals. Avoid this filter, it is not worth any money or your time and frustration. If this is any indication of the quality of Sunterra products, I would avoid the company altogether. I would have rated this item at zero stars if that were available. Maybe I can make a planter out of the filter bucket- that’s about all it would be good for.

    As an alternative, look here: Pressurized Bio UV Pond Filter – 2000 gallon This is a quality filter that gets good reviews. You get what you pay for with Fish Mate, unlike Sunterra where you pay and get nothing.

  2. Tim Miser says:

    Review by Tim Miser for Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
    I’ve had this filter for 3 years of continuous operation. It worked pretty well for the first 2 years but the last year has been dissapointing. I broke one of the handles to switch to clean mode off. Even though the filters have been cleaned, it now doesn’t seem to keep the pond clean at all. Like another person posted, the red indicator of a clogged filter has never worked. I however have never had a problem with leaks or O-ring/clamp problems. Gonna try a new brand for this next one.

  3. D. Anderson says:

    Review by D. Anderson for Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
    This filter came as part of a complete pond kit. Total pond volume we have is about 600 gallons and unfortunately we live in a somewhat dusty area and get a fair amount of dirt in the pond. The filter was set up with a 1000 gph pump feeding a waterfall and when clean, worked pretty good. Unfortunately, the back wash feature isn’t that effective, and the filter needs to be disassembled periodically for cleaning. Mechanically, the filter is not designed well-it has 6 snap-clamps that cannot be further tightened. So after a couple of time, the seal is no longer effective and the filter leaks all over the place. Even using a new O-ring (which is extremely hard to find) and lots of petroleum jelly, it is nearly impossible to seal the top. Adding additional frustration, the “slider” used to change from filter to clean operation does not have a good seal (and no way to adjust) so that also causes leaks.

    If you only want this filter to last a year or 2, or if you’re in a controlled area that doesn’t get a lot of dirt, the filter will probably work fine, and the cost is reasonable. But if you’re in the real world, spend a few extra bucks on a filter that has a better clamping and sealing system. After all, you spent so much time and efforts digging that pond to begin with, you don’t want to hassle a poorly designed filter as well!

  4. Larry A. Bowden says:

    Review by Larry A. Bowden for Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
    Pre filter on the pump requires frequent cleaning, just takes a few minutes, after three months still have not had to take the filter elelemnts out to clean, back flushing works great.

  5. lisa says:

    Review by lisa for Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
    i had no problems with this filter. it was very easy to install. i would buy this product for my pond again.

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