Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter

Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter

Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter

  • Dual Filtration System to provide a Clearer and Healthier Pond or Water Garden
  • Cleans Ponds up to 1000 Gallons
  • Recommend for use with Pond Pumps Capable of Pumping between 850 to 1250 Gallons of Water per Hour
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Garden pond water is exposed to things like dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation which impact how clean and healthy the water is for fish and plants to live in. Garden pond filters are necessary to balance the ecosystem of  ponds. Any type of filter system must be of adequate capacity for both the power of the pump and the volume of the pond water.

All Sunterra pond filters use both mechanical and biological ways of filtering the water. The mechanical filtration process uses foam filters to trap dirt and debris. Biological balls (bio balls), that have large surface areas used to grow and encourage beneficial bacteria which are used for the biological filtration. This beneficial bacteria converts harmful pathogens into useful nitrates. Both working together, the mechanical and biological filter systems provide a clearer and healthier pond.

The Sunterra Bio-filters utilize a dual filtration system consisting of both mechanical (foam filters) and biological (bio balls) processes.The Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, is able to clean ponds with up to 1000 gallons of water.This bio-filter is suitable to use with pond pumps powerful enough to pump water from 850 to 1250 gallons per hour.

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Recent Customer Reviews

Review by Larry A. Bowden

Pre filter on the pump requires frequent cleaning, just takes a few minutes, after three months still have not had to take the filter elements out to clean, back flushing works great. Read More

Review by Sunterra

I had no problems with this filter. it was very easy to install. I would buy this product for my pond again. Read more

Review by John Hutchings

We bought this filter a year ago and it’s still going strong! It helped clear up our green water quickly and helps keep it clear! The “cleaning” feature on the pump doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. We still open ours up and rinse out the filter frequently, but overall, this is the best filter we’ve ever owned! It’s easy to clean and operate! Read More

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