Sunterra 300207 Pond UV Bio-Filter 2000 Gallons, Black Reviews

Sunterra 300207 Pond UV Bio-Filter 2000 Gallons, Black

  • Features Ultra-violet Light Filtration that Eliminates Algae that Survive Normal Filtration Creating a Cleaner and Healthier Pond
  • Dual Filtration System to Provide a Clearer and Healthier Pond or Water Garden
  • Cleans Ponds up to 2000 Gallons
  • Recommended for use with Pond Pumps Capable of Pumping between 1,250 to 2,000 Gallons of Water Per Hour
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

A contained body of water is subject to conditions such as dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation that affect the water clarity and health. A filtration system is needed to balance the ponds ecosystem. This filtration system must match both the power of the pump and the volume of the water garden. All Sunterra filters use mechanical and biological filtration. The mechanical filtration process uses foam filters to trap debris. While the biological filtration uses biological ball (bio

List Price: $ 220.00

Price: $ 117.99

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