Sunterra 400410 Flagstone Waterfall with AquaGen

Sunterra 400410 Flagstone Waterfall with AquaGen

  • This water fall uses the movement of water to generate power to run the lights
  • Led lights
  • Does not use additional electricity
  • Adds character to any water garden
  • Use with 850 gph pump

One of the current trends in water gardening is lighting. Sunterra uses LED lighting technology which is 86% more efficient than halogen technology. Sunterra’s Flagstone Waterfall with AquaGen adds light, aeration and movement to your pond with a waterfall that looks right at home with your landscaping. AquaGen technology uses kinetic energy of flowing water to power the blue LED lights without consuming additional electric power.

List Price: $ 45.99

Price: $ 28.14

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