The Benefits of Solar Powered Pond Equipment

The Benefits of Solar Powered Pond Equipment

We all want to do our best to reduce energy consumption and get “off the grid” whenever possible. This includes everything from solar hot water systems in a home, to electricity-free appliances and fixtures as well. Some gardeners and property owners are turning to solar equipment for a wide variety of needs too.

For instance, many gardens have solar lighting installations that are entirely free of electrical service. There are also many gardens with ponds of different sizes and the owners of these ponds can enjoy a huge assortment of solar powered pond equipment as well. From fountains and lights to solar pond pumps, the choices are many.

While a few of these options are purely decorative; such as the submersible lighting fixtures that will give a garden a somewhat magical glow during the evening hours, others are remarkably beneficial. Solar pond pumps for example, will allow the pond to receive an appropriate amount of new oxygen and also pull a great deal of harmful debris from the water as well. Because they will use a solar or photovoltaic panel to operate, they will cost a gardener or homeowner only the purchase price of the device.

Solar powered pond equipment will also include fountains – which can be ornamental or functional. All bodies of water require circulation of some kind or another. In nature this can come from water plants, and in a garden pond this can come from plants, pumps and fountains. When looking into a solar powered fountain, however, it is important to select one that can deliver the proper amount of aeration. This simply means choosing one with settings for larger droplets as this creates the turbulence along the surface necessary to successful oxygenation.

Although solar powered pond equipment will operate entirely free of the need for electrical services, it will always need regular care and maintenance. For example, solar pond pumps must be properly cleaned at least once a year. This means filters must be changed and housings properly serviced to maintain optimal performance. It is vitally important to remember that during such maintenance any oils or lubricants used should be of the environmentally friendly kind as they might come into contact with the plants, fish and frogs living in the pond.

Solar powered pond equipment, including solar pond pumps and fountains, are a great and affordable way to add a pond to your property while keeping both installation and operating costs to the very minimum. provides all of the pond maintenance information that you need and much more. The site is a complete garden pond guide providing you with information on a solar powered pond and more.

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