The Fun of Choosing Garden Pond Accessories

The Fun of Choosing Garden Pond Accessories

Every garden pond owner will soon discover that besides the necessary garden pond products, there will be a variety of garden pond accessories that they will want to purchase as well. Some of these are so valuable that they are considered by many to be a necessity.

The have to have items for the garden pond are the liner, pump, and filtering system. Along with these though, the following items are often added to the garden pond inventory.

Pond heaters

If you are going to house fish chances are you are going to want to make use of a pond heater especially if you experience fluctuations in temperatures. They are usually submersed totally within the pond. There are many makes, models and sizes and vary in price.

Garden pond thermometers

Whether you use a pond heater or not you are still going to want to monitor the temperature of the pond water. Even without having fish, many of the garden ponds provide a home to aquatic plants. These plants all have temperature ranges that the water must be kept at in order to keep the plants healthy. The pond thermometers take the guess work out assuming what the water temperature is. They are one of many garden inexpensive garden pond accessories. They are easy to use, and are immersed below the water level to the about the half way mark of the depth of the water.

Pond Nets

These are a real time saver when it comes to garden pond maintenance. They are a fine mesh that fit over the top of the pond. They are easy to install and when fitted properly are hardly noticeable. They serve some great purposes. They prevent the boisterous larger fish from jumping out of the pond. They are great at holding water garden predators at bay. Most importantly they prevent a lot of debris like leaves, and debris from landing in the pond which means less cleaning and less risk of pond contamination.

Pond timers

These are another one of the garden pond accessories that pond lovers enjoy. They are a small inexpensive item, but another pond item that most garden pond owners simply will not do without. These can be used to control the operation of the pump or the pond lighting or even the waterfall or fountain. It makes it most convenient to have these items cut on and off at a predetermined time automatically.

UV Clarifiers

These are an excellent resource for helping to control the algae and bad bacteria that often forms in a garden pond. They are designed so they do not harm the good bacteria which are crucial to a healthy pond.

Garden pond décor

Some of the most exciting garden pond accessories that a garden pond owner can invest in, is the décor that goes with a garden pond. Here one really gets to utilize their creativity. This can start with choosing to install one of the many waterfalls or fountains that are available for garden ponds. These can even be something simple such as a spitter for example. These are those beautiful items that allow water to trickle or flow from them such as a whimsical frog or Grecian statue.

There are numerous types to choose from. Then there is the garden pond lighting. Here there are many choices where they can be submersible or even something simple like floating lights.

These are just some of the common garden pond accessories that are readily available for the garden pond lover.

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