The Importance of Pond Filters

The Importance of Pond Filters

For a newbie in the pond keeping, he or she will most likely to be overzealous on how can the water garden be more eye-pleasing as possible. A few pond ornaments would be nice but since he or she is a novice, he or she will tend to put more. This tendency will then lead to the ignorance of the equipments that are really needed by the pond. One of these equipments would be the pond water filters which are frequently overlooked.

One of the elements that make up a beautiful pond is its cleanness and health. If you have a pond that is full of ornamental plants and other decorations but the water is teaming with fallen debris and other dirt types, do you think it is attractive? Well, aside from the pond ornaments the cleanness of the pond should also taken into consideration if you are aiming for an aesthetically pleasurable pond. By installing the most suitable pond filter into it, you’ll be able to meet that goal.

You might think that the debris that land into your pond is harmless since they do not have any chemical effects on the water. However, any object that is foreign to the pond can pose serious threats not only to the water quality of the pond but also to the living things that dwell in it. Such debris may contain toxic bacteria which can cause the fish to be ill. Luckily a pond filter, particularly the bio-pond filter can deal with such threats before they can even happen.

This is applicable mostly to new in the pond keeping field. There are two basic types of pond filters as categorized to where one can be installed—inside or outside the pond. This is kind of confusing since novice pond keepers aren’t that familiar with the needs and situations in their ponds. Therefore it is necessary to do some research or ask around whether or not to choose an outside or inside pond filter.

One of the most common types of outer pond filters is the basket type. This is usually installed at the pond surface and works by forcing out the pond water through a net thus catching the unwanted debris in the pond. The only flaw to this type of pond is the clogging tendency. That’s why it is important to regularly check on the basket’s net and manually remove the filtered objects from the net.

Another type of pond filter is the UV filter which basically filters the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun and then targets it to the algae present in the pond. This type of filter is recommended to be used in every water system since it is one of the most effective weapons to fight algae bloom.

And the least known of all the filter types is the bacterial filter which basically works by purifying the pond water and keeping it from being flourished by hazardous organisms. Although the process takes quite some time, the results are immeasurable.


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