TLkmDN’s POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)

Hey guys so so sorry for taking so long…but heres the long awaited pond filter video so many of u have requested! have a happy holiday and be safe icon smile TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010) Video featuring: CHan Jian Hau and Chan Jian Yee (as cameraman)

41btX5FHVwL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)SF1 Submersible Flat Box Filter 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
Keeps ponds clean and prevents pump and fountain heads from clogging. Includes a flat filter box with filter-to-hose fitting, coar…
51ST%2BJzxzBL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Sunterra 320106 Pre-Filter Replacement Pond Filters, Blue and Black 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
Regular maintenance is essential to retain the benefits of proper filtration in a pond or water garden. Replacement pond filter p…
41AJCD1EH0L. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
A contained body of water is subject to conditions such as dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation that affect the water cl…
41uC M9sqOL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Tetra Waterfall Filter, Up to 1000-Gallon 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
The TetraPond Waterfall Filter creates beautiful waterfalls quickly and easily. The mesh bag allows for the addition of bio-media …
413qjsem%2BDL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Beckett 7078510 Bio Filter without Pump 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
This pump features both mechanical and biological filtration. It provides essential filtration for ponds with fish and maintains c…
41Z03B9T4VL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Pondmaster PMK1250 Pond Filter with 250gph Pump and Bonus Fountain Head 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
This Pondmaster Filtration System with Pump Fountain includes filter, bell style and adjustable fountain heads, a magnetic drive 2…
41P3ldPZDFL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Pond Filter Media 12″ Wide x 10 Feet Long x 1.5″ Thick (Blue/White) 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
Filter-Guru pond & aquarium filtration media is an excellent substitute for OEM filtration media at a fraction of the cost. Contai…
41IH4UD 2nL. SL75  TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit with Pump, Pre-Filter, and Fountain Kit, Ponds up to 100 Gallons 0 5 TLkmDNs POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)
Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit is ideal for small to mid-size preformed ponds under 100 gallons. Fountain assembly includ…

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22 Responses to “TLkmDN’s POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)”

  1. KongLeeNumber1Hmong says:

    Man ya some tall Asians !!

  2. TLkmDN says:

    @xdennis8x yes it is meant to be fully submerged in the water. im sorry im not sure about the brand but u shud just google it online and find it if youre having problems :) good luck!

  3. TLkmDN says:

    its not a perfect circular motion tho bro…my pond goes around in a corner around a bend so it isnt an exact circular motion at all. thanks for the advice tho :)

  4. chengaun says:

    Please note that circular motion in your pond is NOT good for your koi’s. They may cause bends on your koi bodies. not to sound like a Ahole….. but it’s true.

  5. treldib2 says:

    I would say add some Aquatic Plats to the filter….like Water Letuce, Water Hyacinth, etc. to reduce nitrites….

  6. damafiafz says:

    at 2:03 ASIAN BAY WATCH LOL jst kiding man u got sme awsm setup for ur pond and jst read that u importin kois sounds great am waiting for the update bye tc

  7. TLkmDN says:

    thanks bro i apreciate the support…ive still failed to growout an arapaima…:( hope to do it sumtime in the future 4sure :)

  8. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    LoL Anytime i Was looking at the pics on MFK i Love The Arapaima!!

  9. TLkmDN says:

    those are both really good ideas! thanks for the 5am suggestions :)

  10. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    Maybe try underwater Handfeeding for some fish but i think it might be a bit risky Sorry i would have Better recomendations but its 5:00 A.M in Ireland (Cant Sleep XD )
    Oh or maybe A Vid of ur LFS or Something…
    Fish Looking Better than Ever :)

  11. TLkmDN says:

    lol u dont sound like an Ahole…dw…do u have any recomendations for new videos that u wana see? i just got 3 imported japanese koi from a special koi dealer…thats wat i have planned for the next update!

  12. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    i Dont meen to sound like an Asshole but Are u going to be making an Update soon??

  13. TLkmDN says:

    @jj95freak2 yup of course! i go there every year cuz i have family there…and i love the shopping/foood! clark koey and botkoey ftw!!!

  14. TLkmDN says:

    @jj95freak2 K ELLEEEE

  15. xALBINOxBANANAx says:

    your pond is awsome

  16. Asianleful says:

    Amazing! My dad just uses one big filter and oe medium sized one. the UV light broke… AGAIN. But nice VID! Check out my new one! Not bad!

  17. TLkmDN says:

    thanks so much bro. merry xmas and happy new year to u too :)

  18. oconano says:

    Merry Christmas doooooooood!

  19. trinity00matrix00 says:

    You can also use oyster shell to buffer the ph.
    and you should be cleaning out them matts like once every six months or so
    even once a month or every couple
    grab a matt and use the garden hose to rinse the poop out
    thatll keep your water quality much happier=)
    thanks for showing us your filters

  20. Coltons350z says:

    finally vid of such a beast filtration setup!! very cool. 

  21. TLkmDN says:

    thanks so much for ure help. as u can hear i am by no means a filter expert….i welcome anyone to help clarify the explanations :) haha

  22. chengaun says:

    nice filter….i will point it out to you…………. The Brushes and Japanese Mats Are to filter out poop etc……the bio rings( those are not bio balls btw ) are to convert ammonia into a non toxic substance for the fish…the corals are to buffer the Ph of the water to keep it to a neutral level..( though arowana’s prefer slightly acidic water ). Nice pond and fishes too

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year….:)

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