TLkmDN’s POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)

Hey guys so so sorry for taking so long…but heres the long awaited pond filter video so many of u have requested! have a happy holiday and be safe :) Video featuring: CHan Jian Hau and Chan Jian Yee (as cameraman)

SF1 Submersible Flat Box Filter
Keeps ponds clean and prevents pump and fountain heads from clogging. Includes a flat filter box with filter-to-hose fitting, coar…
Sunterra 320106 Pre-Filter Replacement Pond Filters, Blue and Black
Regular maintenance is essential to retain the benefits of proper filtration in a pond or water garden. Replacement pond filter p…
Sunterra 300106 Pond Bio-Filter 1000 Gallons, Black
A contained body of water is subject to conditions such as dirt, insects, algae and decomposed vegetation that affect the water cl…
Tetra Waterfall Filter, Up to 1000-Gallon
The TetraPond Waterfall Filter creates beautiful waterfalls quickly and easily. The mesh bag allows for the addition of bio-media …
Beckett 7078510 Bio Filter without Pump
This pump features both mechanical and biological filtration. It provides essential filtration for ponds with fish and maintains c…
Pondmaster PMK1250 Pond Filter with 250gph Pump and Bonus Fountain Head
This Pondmaster Filtration System with Pump Fountain includes filter, bell style and adjustable fountain heads, a magnetic drive 2…
Pond Filter Media 12″ Wide x 10 Feet Long x 1.5″ Thick (Blue/White)
Filter-Guru pond & aquarium filtration media is an excellent substitute for OEM filtration media at a fraction of the cost. Contai…
Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit with Pump, Pre-Filter, and Fountain Kit, Ponds up to 100 Gallons
Tetra Pond FK3 Filtration Fountain Kit is ideal for small to mid-size preformed ponds under 100 gallons. Fountain assembly includ…

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22 Responses to “TLkmDN’s POND FILTER!!! (24/12/2010)”

  1. KongLeeNumber1Hmong says:

    Man ya some tall Asians !!

  2. TLkmDN says:

    @xdennis8x yes it is meant to be fully submerged in the water. im sorry im not sure about the brand but u shud just google it online and find it if youre having problems :) good luck!

  3. TLkmDN says:

    its not a perfect circular motion tho bro…my pond goes around in a corner around a bend so it isnt an exact circular motion at all. thanks for the advice tho :)

  4. chengaun says:

    Please note that circular motion in your pond is NOT good for your koi’s. They may cause bends on your koi bodies. not to sound like a Ahole….. but it’s true.

  5. treldib2 says:

    I would say add some Aquatic Plats to the filter….like Water Letuce, Water Hyacinth, etc. to reduce nitrites….

  6. damafiafz says:

    at 2:03 ASIAN BAY WATCH LOL jst kiding man u got sme awsm setup for ur pond and jst read that u importin kois sounds great am waiting for the update bye tc

  7. TLkmDN says:

    thanks bro i apreciate the support…ive still failed to growout an arapaima…:( hope to do it sumtime in the future 4sure :)

  8. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    LoL Anytime i Was looking at the pics on MFK i Love The Arapaima!!

  9. TLkmDN says:

    those are both really good ideas! thanks for the 5am suggestions :)

  10. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    Maybe try underwater Handfeeding for some fish but i think it might be a bit risky Sorry i would have Better recomendations but its 5:00 A.M in Ireland (Cant Sleep XD )
    Oh or maybe A Vid of ur LFS or Something…
    Fish Looking Better than Ever :)

  11. TLkmDN says:

    lol u dont sound like an Ahole…dw…do u have any recomendations for new videos that u wana see? i just got 3 imported japanese koi from a special koi dealer…thats wat i have planned for the next update!

  12. iCantTinkOfaGudName says:

    i Dont meen to sound like an Asshole but Are u going to be making an Update soon??

  13. TLkmDN says:

    @jj95freak2 yup of course! i go there every year cuz i have family there…and i love the shopping/foood! clark koey and botkoey ftw!!!

  14. TLkmDN says:

    @jj95freak2 K ELLEEEE

  15. xALBINOxBANANAx says:

    your pond is awsome

  16. Asianleful says:

    Amazing! My dad just uses one big filter and oe medium sized one. the UV light broke… AGAIN. But nice VID! Check out my new one! Not bad!

  17. TLkmDN says:

    thanks so much bro. merry xmas and happy new year to u too :)

  18. oconano says:

    Merry Christmas doooooooood!

  19. trinity00matrix00 says:

    You can also use oyster shell to buffer the ph.
    and you should be cleaning out them matts like once every six months or so
    even once a month or every couple
    grab a matt and use the garden hose to rinse the poop out
    thatll keep your water quality much happier=)
    thanks for showing us your filters

  20. Coltons350z says:

    finally vid of such a beast filtration setup!! very cool. 

  21. TLkmDN says:

    thanks so much for ure help. as u can hear i am by no means a filter expert….i welcome anyone to help clarify the explanations :) haha

  22. chengaun says:

    nice filter….i will point it out to you…………. The Brushes and Japanese Mats Are to filter out poop etc……the bio rings( those are not bio balls btw ) are to convert ammonia into a non toxic substance for the fish…the corals are to buffer the Ph of the water to keep it to a neutral level..( though arowana’s prefer slightly acidic water ). Nice pond and fishes too

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year….:)

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