Upgrading your garden with koi ponds

Upgrading your garden with koi ponds

Having a garden right at your backyard is indeed a good source of good vibes. It is the best area in the house to recharge for the next working day. But for those who are not satisfied with just a place with tiny bushes and flowers here and there, you might want to consider putting up a koi fish pond in your garden. This water feature will not only serve as an upgrade to your fish pond, but will also add more appeal and tranquillity to your garden.

Unlike other types of pond, a koi fish pond has to be well-maintained and requires more hands in cleaning and even in installation. Many assume that the fish is the most important part of a fish pond is of course the fish. But the truth is that if the pond itself is not well-built, you will not be able to enjoy the pleasures it can offer. Not to mention the fact that the lives of the koi in the pond will not last. Considering these things, we can say that the most important part would be the design and installation of the whole water feature.


The first thing you need to think of is the size of the pond. If you have really decided to put koi in your fish pond, you should make it spacious. Koi fish can grow big even in a small area so it is essential to put them in a big pond to avoid congestion. You should also think of the number of koi you will put in the pond. The size of the pond should be at least equal to the number of fish again, to avoid overcrowding since koi grow in size.

After you have settled the size of you pond, the next thing you need to focus on is the area in your garden where there is ample shade. This is where your koi pond can be perfectly placed. But remember that your pond should not be placed under a large tree of some sort. This is because of the leaves that may fall in the water. The dried leaves can ignite the growth of algae in the pond. It is advisable to put some marine ornamental plants to add more shade to the koi pond.

There are pond equipments that are needed to maintain your koi pond. Pond filters, pond ventilators, pumps and water conditioners are in fact necessary to keep the pond in mint condition. Although it may be costly, a pond fountain can be added not just to accentuate the pond itself but also to help the water be always in motion. This is to keep organic matters and algae from building up rapidly. Worry not since these things are available at any pet or garden stores and even in the internet.

Try not to be discouraged by the things that need to be done when putting up a koi fish pond. They may be laborious at fist, but the benefits the pond can offer will not even match the work you have put to it. It will be much more.


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